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Reviews for Otomax Ointment, 30 gm (1014021)

Best Ear Drops!
Author: Belinda
I absolutely LOVE this product for my dog. I have a Chinese Shar Pei and her ears are small and fold forward. Her ears would smell so bad that you could not be around her. Apparently her ears were infected and my Vet had given me this ointment to try and within a few days the smell had disappeared. The only problem is the product was small and expensive. So I googled the ointment and found it here at VetDepot at a smaller price :) So I am happy and so is my dog Lady!

ear medicine that WORKS!
Author: Harley
Location: New York
This is a great product and vetdepot rocks! There is nothing worse than when your pup is in pain. This was shipped quickly and easily (they called my vet to confirm the rx) I would order from here again in a heart beat!

Easy to use, good value, effective
Author: Maureen
Location: Florida
Our vet previously recommended this but switched to a "cheaper" tube-based medication (which is still 50% more expensive than this one through VetDepot.) Because this comes in a bottle, I find it easier to tell how much I'm giving. Our cocker spaniel is prone to infections and usually requires 2-3 weeks treatment to clear a bacterial infection, not just one as advertised. I'm happy to have this again at a great, low price.

Thank you Vet Depot for Otomax.
Author: R. Baker
Location: Bridgeport, CT
My dog was shaking his head and whining and scratching at his face and ear. I thought he had a tick in his ear or something that I could not see. I took him to the vet and it turns out he had a double ear infection! One ear was really bad. The vet prescribed Otomax and I bought the first one from her for $24. When I realize I needed a second one, I decided to get it online from Vet Depot because it was only $15 dollars.

This is really helping my dog
Author: David
Location: Little Rock, AR
I am so grateful I could get some ointment for my dog's ears. She had been without it for several months since the prescription from my vet ran out. I couldn't afford to go back to him, but I desperately wanted a new bottle of this. One application, and she started feeling better immediately! Thank you again for offering this at a discounted price.

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