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Reviews for Novifit for Dogs, L, 400 mg, 30 Tablets (1016535)

Happier Dog, Happy Owner
Author: Jennifer
Our 14 yr. old beloved mutt, Mack, has been on NoviFit for a year. We noticed positive results in 3 to 4 days. He had been "sundowning" as the vet called it - evening nervousness characterized by shaking, hiding. She told us that our description of his over all behavior indicated that he has Canine Cognitive Dysfunction. He no longer "sundowns" and Novifit has also helped decrease his restlessness at night, so we all are sleeping better.

helped my dog-great!!!!!
Author: luckysmom
Location: summerfield fl
My Lucky had a vestibular syndrome attack and was not bouncing back, having days of restlessness,loss of interest, and some days loss of appetite & signs of cognitive disorder. Our vet suggested Novafit L, it was worth a try. After the first dose the head tilt was less and she ate, each day since she is returning to her previous self. Even she is back to wagging her tail!! It has been great!! Luckys back!

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