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Reviews for Neo-Predef Powder 15 gm (1013900)

Love this for skin problems!
Author: Erika L.
Location: Brandon, MS
Rapid relief of skin infections and all the itching and grossness that go along with them.

neo predef
Author: kathleen
Location: alabama
This powder is a life saver especially 4 us with itchy allergy prone dogs. This is like a miracle that arrests licking digits & between pads . I only save a couple of dollars over vet's price but since I do rescue, a few dollars helps!

NEO-PRDEF powder
Author: V.Jenkins
<p>NEO-PRDEF powder is very effective and localized for healing HOT SPOTS.</p>

This powder is a wonder cure
Author: Patsy K
Location: Destrehan, LA
One of my cats had a huge abcess on the side of his face and I didn't even realize it until it burst open. I rushed him to the vet and they cleaned it up. When they finished it left a hole the size of a silver dollar in the side of his head. I couldn't afford any drains, etc. So I came home with some of this powder and oral antibiotics. Within 10 days the hole was closed completely and healed from the inside out. I've used this on many other abrasions my cats have incurred and always, it heals the wound very fast. What is so nice about it is you put the puff of powder on the animal and they can't even feel it. It's non messy and sticks to the wound and fur. Even if the animal licks it off, they still get the benefit of it touching the wound before it is licked off. You really need to keep some of this product on hand all the time. Great stuff.

This product is wonderful
Author: Kellie
<p>This product is wonderful for allergy skin flare ups, especially if the area is oozing. My very old cat has eosinophillic plaque around her anus caused by a flea allergy. Because it is such a highly groomed area, I sometimes must put a cone over her head and use this powder. It dries and shrinks the area up in no time.</p>

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