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Reviews for Methimazole 10 mg, 100 Tablets (1010157)

Don't be nervous about ordering these from VetDepot
Author: Gloria
Location: Cincinnati
I wasn't sure about getting prescription medication for my cat online but we do it for people meds all the time so why not? These cost 1/3 what I would have to pay at my vet office and my cat is doing fabulously on this medication!

First time VetDepot shopper
Author: tjames
This is the first time I've ordered from VetDepot, but I am SO impressed with the price, service, speed of delivery, and quality of the thyroid medicine I purchased for our cat. We were paying three times as much through our vet, and could not afford it. I'm so thankful to have discovered VetDepot!

Great Price
Author: Reilly's Mom
Exact medication that I would get from vet at half the price. Great!!!

Great Price for Medication That Saves My Cat's Life
Author: Cora Bird
Location: Los Angeles
I found VetDepot online after reading a positive review of them in Cat TIme Newsletter and was not disappointed with the product or the service. As a new customer, I wasn't sure how difficult it would be to set up this prescription, but VetDepot worked with my own vet to get it going quickly. This medication has worked wonders for my 8 year old cat, Tiggy, who is now doing well. Without his medication, he is at a high risk for heart attack and possibly liver damage so we are thankful to have found VetDepot!

Great product at a great price!
Author: 3cats
This is the first time I have ordered from VetDepot and I will be a returning customer. The customer service is great. My order was processed and shipped quickly. The price here cannot be beat! My vet charged me almost $10 for 5 tablets of the equivalent medication!!! I will definitely be ordering from VetDepot again. Thank you!

Great results
Author: cfkfr
Location: United States
I am very pleased with the results of this product. My 17 year old cat was miserable, crying constantly and very thin. Within a short time after beginning treatment with methimazole she calmed down and was back to a normal weight. I recommend this product for cats diagnosed with hyperthyroidism.

Great value!
Author: Byn122
This is the exact medication in the exact same amount that I was being charged $90 a bottle for at my vet's office - this website actually made it possible for me to properly care for my elderly cat. Thank you!

It Works!
Author: Kim Foglia
Location: Philadelphia
No problems at all. Cat takes it daily and has greatly improved over the past few months!

Author: lbarbour
Location: Richmond, VA
I have been ordering thyroid medication for my cat for some time from VetDepot. The service is personalized, medications are received very quickly and the prices are great. It's nice to know you can "talk" with a live person when you need help and they always go the extra mile if additional information is required from the vet. In this challenging economy I am appreciative of the cost-savings for needed medications for my pet. I would highly recommend VetDepot and I plan to continue ordering medications from them.

Author: Unknown
Location: Oswego, Illinois
Customer service is phenomenal! They are right on task and take care of calling the vet for me. They stay on top of things by calling the vet the next day if they did not receive the prescription. I received the medicine that same week!

methimazole 10 mg
Author: jennh
Location: lititz, pa
These were the most helpful and kind people EVER! They kept in constant contact with me, and contacted my vet. My vet wasn't aware that this came in 10 mg. He had prescribed 5 mg, so they had to contact my vet for a new prescription. Shipping was lightening fast, and inexpensive! I HIGHLY recommend VetDepot, and will definitely be refilling my Rx with them. I'm a VERY happy and pleased customer!

Methimazole 10 mg, 100 Tablets
Author: Nancy
Location: st. louis
As always, best price, best choice and great service. I now order 2 meds for one cat and also meds for my mothers cat through Vet Depot. Always pleased.

Methimazole 10 mg, 100 Tablets
Author: Pamela
Location: Saint Augusitne, FL
I have purchased Methimazole from other sites. They have been expensive, the service has been horrible, they have charged my card and then waited for the RX to come in and have taken well over a week to ship & then shipping was worse than snail mail. Not going anywhere else.

Still Happy
Author: Tina
We've been ordering our cat's thyroid meds from VetDepot for a few months and are still very pleased with the service and price. VetDepot let us know we needed to take our cat to our vet for a T4 blood recheck. After the vet faxed the information, VetDepot sent an email to let me know the progress and that the medicine was on its way (from 1st email after I ordered to receiving the meds was less than 5 days). I'm so thankful for the economical price and professional customer service!

two orders and counting!
Author: nicole
Location: Northern California
I have had two orders filled with this company so far and it is fast, easy and less expensive and more convenient than getting a prescription filled at my vet's office every month! My elderly cat is feeling much better now that he doesn't have to wait on the vet and isn't going every other month to be checked out.

Very Pleased!
Author: Nancy
Location: st. Louis, MO
My vet only had this at 5mg tabs, and it was really hard giving the cat pills every day, much less 2! VetDepot not only has it at 10mg, but a 3 month supply costs the same as one month did at the vet! Very happy, now I know Jack can get his meds as needed.

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