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Reviews for Metacam (meloxicam) Oral Suspension, 1.5 mg/mL, 100 mL (1010590)

Life saver for Gracie
Author: Gracie's Mom
Location: Seattle
My three and a half year old Boxer blew out her knee just after she turned two and was restricted to low activity for three months; no running, jumping or clowning around. Did I tell you she is a Boxer? It was virtually impossible and heartbreaking to keep her subdued. Metacam lets Gracie be her goofy, energetic self and enjoy life on her terms. I took her off of it for a week and she could hardly walk. Two days back on Metacam and she was good to go.

Before I found Vet Depot I tried some of the other pet med sites, but Vet Depot is by far the best for selection, price and service!

7 year old German Shepherd
Author: Janet A
Location: Riverview,FL
I have a 7 yr old GSD. She was born with awful hips. They don't even go into their sockets. She probably would have been euthanized if I hadn't adopted her. She has been on meds all her life. She grew immune to Rimadyl and became very lethargic. The vet put her on Metacam and she became a new dog. But it was very pricey. I found VetDepot which saved me over 30%. Thank you VetDepot!

A Miracle for my Little Beagle
Author: Jean
Location: Virginia
My Beagle is 16 y/o and she was having trouble getting around in spite of being regularly on dasuquin ( doggie glucosamine-which is a very good product also,by the way). I was even having to carry her up the steps and she didn't want to go on walks. Well, Meloxicam has changed her life(and mine!) She was given it by my vet for pain and inflammation after some surgery she had. She did so well on it I asked for another prescription. Well, my little Casey is going up steps , willingly going on walks, and even LEAPED up the front steps the other day, something that took me back to when I first got her as a young beagle-rescue. I was so happy to see her doing well again. Another good thing: those kind of drugs in humans raise the blood pressure if taken chronically , but my vet said 'not so' in dogs. I will always keep her on it. She will need some blood work after 3 months my vet said if the prescription is to be refilled. BTW, the 100ml bottle was $50 cheaper through from what the vet charged!

Good anti-inflammatory analgesic
Author: Matt
Location: Pennsylvania
My dogs respond well to this med for pain after knee surgery and arthritic owing pain . I recommend it. Great price here.

Good product, very responsive company
Author: Brad
Location: Eagan, Mn
When we ran out of Metacam, we immediately noticed that Tige was moving around less, and yelping more. If we had any doubts as to whether or not the medication was doing any good before, those doubts were now gone.

Getting our vet to renew the prescription ran into some bumps in the road, but VetDepot was constantly in contact with me by phone keeping me up to date on the process, so I could get involved and get it completed. The previous website we used did not ship the product because they ran out, and it was only after three weeks when I called that I found out there was a problem.

Vet Depot will definitely be my first stop going forward.

Great company, Great Product for my dog after ACL surgery, couldn't be happier
Author: Steve
Location: New York
I'm very happy with VetDepot. They return my calls, kept me updated on the process of getting a prescription from my Vet and even contacted my Vet to get the whole process completed and get the item shipped. Thank you so much, I really appreciate it.

My dog is a German Shepard mix, had an ACL surgery and then a Meniscus surgery on the same leg, so she will be on Metacam forever. However we do not give her the full dosage and she is doing great. Vet Depot will be the new place where I will be getting this and other prescription meds.

Wish I knew about VetDepot years ago, but glad I do now.

Thank you again.


Great Pain Reliever
Author: Phil
Helps to relieve our 15 year old lab mix's hip pain noticeably - it's like she's five years younger!

Helped my Dog's Pain
Author: Little Midnight
Location: SW Florida
<p>When Rimadyl wasn't strong enough anymore, the vet changed my dog to Metacam. We saw an immediate improvement. It is a liquid administered in a syringe into mouth, but I follow it up with a small treat and my dog is fine with it.</p>

Like Night and Day
Author: Jan Atch
Location: Riverview,FL
My dog has the worst hips ever! Coupled with the fact she's getting old. Metacam made the difference between her completely being a totally unhappy suffering dog to a relatively happy, normal functioning pup again. It made all the difference in the world. And VetDepot made it affordable for me to purchase.

love this med
Author: rosean story
Location: ok
This med works very well with bigger dogs. So glad my vet told me about this.

Author: Rocco
Location: Foxboro MA
We have a 12 yr old husky. Max has been experiencing rear hip pain for years. Our vet suggested this product, however it was quite pricey but well worth it for the comfort of our beloved pet. It works well and is easy to give. Max now appears to have much less pain and VetDepot has it for less. And they are very easy to deal with and great communication. They did all the work of arranging the rx with our vet. Thanks!

Author: Amanda
Location: Leominster,MA
I was pleased to find it at a reasonable price as I was paying much more for it at my vet and other on line places. I certainly will remain a customer at VetDepot and use it for other routine products as well.

Metacam (meloxicam) Oral Suspension, 1.5 mg/mL, 100 mL
Author: Paul
Our chocolate lab, Sophie is 8 years old and already having leg joint problems. Our vet can't explain the premature aging symptoms, but prescribed Metacam, which helps. We give Sophie one dose per day. The included dosing syringe is graduated by the dog's weight so its easy to give. Just measure the amount and squirt it into her mouth. Purchasing Metacam from VetDepot couldn't be easier since they contact my vet for a refill prescription. It saves quite a bit over buying from the vet. I usually buy enough to qualify for free shipping which saves even more.

Metacam (meloxicam) Oral Suspension, 1.5 mg/mL, 100 mL
Author: Scott Chariton
Location: Cathedral City Ca.
Our beautiful Golden (Roxy) is 11 years old ans we were really afraid it was time to put her down. We told the Vet we would try anything because she was not responding, not getting up to come to bed with us and not eating. The Dr. prescribed Metacam and we tried it. The first night Roxy was running around like a crazy dog and didn't sleep a wink and nor did I. I called the vet and asked if he gave her doggie cocaine. He laughed and said Roxy would mellow out by this evening and that her body was just getting used to the medicine. Ever since, she acts like she is four or five years old again. She runs, jumps, wrestles and plays with all her toys once again. Thank you Metacam.

Metacam (meloxicam) Oral Suspension, 1.5 mg/mL, 100 mL
Author: Elson
I have been giving my 13 year old Airedale Metacam for over a year. It seems to really help with his arthritis and is not hard on his stomach like some other NSAIDS for dogs.

Metacam for Routine Pain Control
Author: Lindi
Location: Upstate New York
I have an 8 yr old Border Collie with severe hip dysplasia who has been on Metacam since he was 6 months old. We thought we would have to put him down he was so bad, but with regular exercise and Metacam every day, he has led a full and exciting life. As he has aged he cannot do the Adirondack walks he used to do or swim as far but he still runs, chases and does all the things a normal dog does. He is also on an oral pain med daily for evening pain control but we have had no side effects from using this medicine daily. VetDepot is great. They get the script from the vet and fill in a timely fashion.

My Schnauzer is walking again
Author: Denise
Location: United States
My almost 11 yr mini Schnauzer went into horrible pain for a week and a half. Vet couldn't figure out what was wrong even with some tests. Then knuckled on 9/9/12 rushed to an ER clinic and they diagnosed him with pressure on spine. He couldn't even stand up there. Pred 18 days, caged for a month and a lot of other stuff to get him to this point. Searched and searched for alternative solutions found a vet that does cold laser and acupuncture - put on gabapentin but still needed this for the inflammation - what a rough couple months this poor dog has been through. He's doing so much better and even playing some with his brothers. I do give him Milk Thistle per an integrated vet to minimize the effect on the liver. He has come a long way.

Two Paws up for Metacam and VetDepot!
Author: Little Midnight
When things started getting achy for my 10 year old dog, my vet first put him on Rimadyl and then Metacam. Both medicines helped, but the results were better and longer lasting on Metacam. My dog has a sensitive stomach, but he tolerates this medicine with no problems. It's a liquid you'll need to measure to the correct dosage in a provided dropper based on your dog's weight (it's easy). Then squirt the liquid into the back of your dog's mouth or put in his food, but either way it should be taken with food.

And VetDepot has it for a much better price than my vet. Two paws up!

Very helpful
Author: Jessica
Location: San Diego
I wanted to avoid putting my senior pit bull named Harley on a prescription pain medication because I was worried about the side affects. However there came a point when she became uncomfortable and so I knew I had to do it. I'm so glad I did. She's been on Metacam for almost a year, and she is so much happier for it. She is comfortable even with the host of physical ailments she has, and I'm relieved to know her quality of life continues.

Worth the price!
Location: Baltimore, Md
My 12 year old Rotti-Husky has had a lot of problems. Lyme's disease twice!, cancer of her hind leg (surgery successful without amputation), then tore her CCL (surgery again), and most recently has torn something in her right front leg. We have used Rimadyl and Tramadol for a long time, but the Rimadyl has caused liver toxicity. We had had success on Metacam once before, but it was expensive. I told vet I wanted to try it again and see if we got better results. It is about comfort at this point. Boy does she feel better!!! Thanks to Vet Depot, I can afford it more easily.

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