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Reviews for Lean Treats for Dogs, 4 oz, 10 Pack (1016206)

Author: Ruth
Location: PA
Lean treats for dogs is a great product. My dog loves them. I use them as treats for the therapy dog group I run at work. I break them into pieces and the patients give the dogs treats on spoons, practicing their reaching and grip. The dogs get a lot of treats so it is great that they are low fat. They are also wheat free.

Author: Michelle
Location: Texas
I found out about these at my vet, for my blind dog. YorkieBoy loves these. He recently lost his sight, and I throw these in different corners in the house, and he sniffs them out, and it has made him more independent and he has a purpose. At my vet, these same treats were 10.00 a bag! Ouch! Found them on here, and always get them 80% cheaper and super fast! Customer for life.

Fresh Lean Treats
Author: Zhoe
Location: United States
I've been using Lean Treats for several years for my older girl, Zhoe. She has some stomach issues but loves these and digests them very well. I originally got them from my Vet, but found them much less expensive online. I purchased a 10 pack from another seller prior to Vet Depot,but they were stale and hard. I made sure NOT to purchase again from that seller and am very satisfied with what I got from the Vet Depot. Thank you!

Great Dog Treats!
Author: Kim's JesseBear
Location: United States
Our little Teddy Bear (AKA mutt...Shi tzu/Bishon mix) loves these moist treats compared to any dry treat. It is a good value when purchashing bulk quantity, and the VetDepot vendor has an easy, user-friendly online ordering system, and delivery is fast and efficient.

Lean Treats
Author: Sherry
Location: windsor, ny
<p>LOVE these treats! Great for training cause dogs love them! My vet gives them when dogs visit. That's where we first saw them . Haven't found them locally.</p>

Lean Treats
Author: Steve
Location: Sacramento
These treats are a good low calorie treat in addition to regular pet food.

Lean Treats
Author: Eileen
<p>Dogs love them. Vet loves them!</p>

Lean Treats
Author: Mary
Location: Pawleys Island, SC
My sweet little dog was diagnosed as diabetic in Dec. 2012. Our Vet put her on a weight control canned dog food diet and Lean Treats. She loves both. I order the treats online and have ordered twice. Both times, I got the order much faster than I thought I would have. Packaging was great and as always order was correct. I am so glad to have Vet Depot that I can depend on for healthy food for "Diva". By the way, she has already lost weight and is much happier since she is on the road to good health and I am spending less because she is not eating all those sugary junk treats. Thank you, Vet Depot!

Lean Treats
Author: Dave
Location: Dayton, OH
Recommended by vet as a weigh control choice. Puppy loves them. Ordered on line. Quick shipment. Easy to order. Will order again when the first order runs out. Excellant product.

lean treats for dogs
Author: Nyta
I have a new puppy and our vet suggested we use this product to train him. I have cut them into quarters as a reward. Good ingredients and no fillers. I also loved the pricing as they are more expensive if purchased at the vets.

Lean Treats for Dogs
Author: Darlene Smet
Location: Southern California
We've given these treats to our two little terriers since they were babies and had gotten them from our vet. We were paying $10/box of ten packets more than at VetDepot. Very satisfied with this product because Terriers are food driven dogs, who tend to gain weight very quickly. Because we know these treats are good quality and not full of fatty substances, we can give our dogs a treat and not feel guilty or worried about them gaining too much weight.

Lean Treats for Dogs, 4 oz, 10 Pack
Author: Carol
Location: Missouri
My dog's favorite treat. The vet wanted to charge me $8.00 for a 4 oz. packet so VetDepot's pricing was fantastic.

Author: Jody
Location: Central USA
Tickled to death. This is a great product for your pets, at a great price. Our vet highly recommends it also as a daily treat.

My dog loves them.
Author: Sharon
Location: Cheyenne wy
<p>My dog loves them. They are the treats my vet recommends and sells in the office. They are less expensive from vet depot.</p>

My little guy LOVES 'em!!!
Author: Phyllis
Location: Houston, Texas
I have a Cairn Terrier who can be very stubborn but once he got the message that he gets one of these treats when he does what I ask of him . . . well, he suddenly became a very cooperative cairn! My vet recommended these because Jack tends to gain weight and he's getting on in years. I feel good about treating/rewarding my sweet boy with Lean Treats. I recommend them.

my three dogs love these!
Author: Sandy in Georgia
Location: west Georgia
My indoor dog discovered these from her vet's office, but they were so expensive! These were so much more affordable..and more convenient-they were mailed right to me. I ordered these as Christmas presents to my three dogs and their "cousins". They all LOVE these treats!

Sadie Loves Them!
Author: Julie H.
Location: Bend, Oregon
<p>Our Miniature Schnauzer has health issues and requires several types of medications. Our vet told us about Lean Treats. They are perfect for wrapping around her pills and down they go! She really gets excited when you ask her if she's ready for her treats! It makes pill time so easy!</p>

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