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Reviews for Ivermectin 1% [Noromectin] injection for cattle and swine, 50 mL (1010079)

Heartworm prevention dogs
Author: PKA
I use on my dogs, however, please research first. 1/10 ml per 10 lbs is the dosage for treating mange. The dose for heartworm prevention is MUCH less. An online search will give you the accurate dose for heartworm prevention. You should look for information that recommends a 30:1 or 15:1 dilution (30:1 being close to Heartgard dosage and 15:1 having a higher rate of effectiveness).

Ivermectin 1% [Noromectin]
Author: Dave
Location: Texas
This product was suggested by my vet to use on my dog due to mite problems on his skin. Works great and also treats heart worms. The only problem was my vet charged me $109.00 for the exact product listed here. I did purchase this product from the vet and over spent not knowing about vetdepot's prices. Big Big savings here at Vetdepot!!

Used in dogs for heartworm prevention
Author: Cody
Location: Midwest
I am a board member for a rescue and we have seen many dogs come through our homes. This product is all we use for heartworm prevention. It works, but be sure to follow the dosing which is 1/10 of a ml per 10 lbs of body weight. DO NOT INJECT, pour on their food and make sure they eat it.

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