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Reviews for IV Set (Primary), 15 drops/mL, 73 inch (1010300)

IV Set (Primary), 15 drops/mL, 73 inch (1010300)
Author: John
Location: missouri (USA)
Excellent product, fast shipping, great price; saves me money. I don't know

what more I could ask for. VetDepot has my business!

Fantastic price and works like a charm
Author: Laura J.
Location: New York, NY
We have two cats who need daily sub-Q and the expense was climbing. In desperation I went online to look for more affordable IV lines and found my way to VetDepot. Thank heavens. Ordering is easy, and VetDepot will even call your vet for the prescription. I was at first thrown because this line doesn't have the collar that twists to hold the needle in place, but I quickly saw that the collar wasn't necessary. The needle snaps on and stays on, and the whole process is actually simpler without the collar. I am 100% satisfied with the product. MANY THANKS, VetDepot!

Great price, great service, fast delivery!
Author: Buddy's Human
<p>I am able to save about 50% of what I would pay any of the clinics here in L.A.</p>

IV sets
Author: Lou P
Location: NC
I have to give my dog SubQ fluids daily and these work great. A lot less money than what the vets office charges and they do the job just as well. They do not have the collar that screws down to hold the needle but I do not have a problem with that. It actually makes it easy for me to make sure the opening of the needle is on top so the fluids drip faster.

I also buy my 20G needles from you and your prices are the BEST!

Love it!
Author: Phoebe
Location: Ocala, Fl
Saving us much money and time! Our Dingo has been having to take the subcutaneous treatments for 3 years now! The great price and service makes the stress of keeping our love muffin alive much easier. Don't pay vet prices!

Pretty Good!
Author: CW
Can't beat the price compared to what the vet charges! Works just dandy. My only observation is the rubber extender near where the needle goes doesn't include the little "collar" that secures the needle to the tube. Have to be a little careful when taking the cap off the needle otherwise sometimes the needle gets pulled out. Just takes a different technique, that's all. Once you figure it out, the needle stays put every time. LOVE the fact that the port is open and not the push-pin style so that I can easily see the rate of flow. All in all, WELL worth the $$. I will be buying more when I need them! Thank you. :)

Seems fine, and the price is good
Author: Terumo fan
Arrived promptly, and worked fine. They seem lighter-weight than what I got from the vet, but there doesn't seem to work fine--and the price is a small fraction of what the vet charges. I will use VetDepot again.

Wonderfully easy to use and exactly what is needed
Author: Ruth
As someone who shied away from having to administer sub-Q fluids to my old cat, I have found that this product was extremely easy to use. For a moment, on opening the packet I thought "uh-oh" and then realized these lines are a no-brainer. Use these with ease and confidence.

Works fine
Author: NPM
Nothing much to say except, yay, they work!

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