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Reviews for Glyco-Flex III Bite-Sized Chews, 120 Soft Chews (1016327)

A Sure Winner
Author: JC Jones
Location: Florida
Our Labrador Retriever is now 12 and he has slowed down a lot and has stiffness in his back legs....there has been a noticeable difference in the past year on has worked far better for him than Cosaquin and he is out running again.

Corgi Loves Them
Author: christine
Location: virginia
Great supplements!

When I up my corgi to 2 at each meal you see a huge improvement.

He had one knee surgery so I am very watchful of his movement.

Easy & Yummy!
Author: D & Z in NE
Location: NE
My 11 year old Golden & 9 year old Sheltie love these chews. It makes it easy & non-messy to give them the joint support they both need. I have been using the chews for several years now but recently started buying from VetDepot and I am now enjoying the $ savings. VetDepot is quick with delivery also.

Glyco-Flex III Bite-sized Chews
Author: Linda S.
Location: Clinton, Arkansas
My dog Garvin is nine years old and has been taking this product for many years at the advice of the Vets who did his hip surgery and are following him now for his knee problems. Glyco-Flex is part of his daily meal as it is better assimilated with less gastrointestinal upset when given with food. Cost is an issue for me as Garvin has several medications, so I found the pricing was excellent. I have just started purchasing products from VetDepot and I had a very good experience. I was especially surprised to receive a handy water bottle for Garvin as a gift from the company with a sweet little personal 'thank you' note.

Glyco-Flex III Bite-Sized Chews
Author: R. L.
My dog has had 2 ACL repairs and the vet recommended we give him these chews to help his joints. My other dog loves them too. They line up every morning to receive their "medicine".

Glyco-Flex III Bite-Sized Chews, 120 Soft Chews
Author: TattooMarc
Location: Dallas
Great product for my dog's joints!

VetDepot has outstanding prices and shipping

Glyco-Flex III Bite-Sized Chews, 120 Soft Chews
Author: Linda M.
Location: murrieta. ca
My dog has been on these for over 5 yrs. She is an english bulldog and had problems with her back legs and knee. Three months after taking the Glyco-Flex III soft chews she is running, playing ball and having a normal life. Thanks Glycoflex.

Glyco-Flex III Bite-Sized Chews, 120 Soft Chews
Author: Melissa
Location: New Orleans
My dogs love the taste of this chew. I have only gotten about half way thru the first bag, so I really cant say if it has made a difference yet or not, but I have found that the moist chews seem to work better.

Glyco-Flex III for Dogs
Author: Pat
I put my dog on the Glyco-Flex III because she was having trouble/pain in her hips. She loves them. I also use them as a bribe for her to take her other medicines.

Glyco-Flex III for Dogs, 120 Soft Chews
Author: pat
My vet recommended this product for my dog. She loves them. She seems to have less problems with her hips since she has been eating them.

Glycoflex III Review
Author: J
Location: NY
I've been giving my dogs Glycoflex III Chews for several years. I was happy with the service from VetDepot. The chews arrived in a timely manner.

Good Product
Author: Lorraine
My dog eats it without having to disguise it so she thinks of it as a treat. This is great! She's on several other meds and supplements like Omega-3 fish oil, Duralactin and Novox (Rimadyl). I hope the soft chews are working. I'm not sure but it doesn't hurt. The price is pretty good. I haven't seen it cheaper online. At .24 each, it's not cheap but, the concentrations in this formula are high so, I feel it's worth it.

Good Stuff Maynard!
Author: Johnny
Location: Fort Wayne, IN
Our 15-year-old black lab mix chews these up like they were treats. They help keep her spunky & moving about.

Great Product
Author: Sharon
Location: Buffalo, New York
We have a nine year old Golden who was starting to feel his age last year. He's been taking Gylco-Flex for a year now and when it comes to water or snow - he's a puppy again! Let's him have his fun and he doesn't appear to be in any pain the following day and looks forward until he can get back outside and make more dog angels in the snow or rescue more toys from the pool.

He loves the taste and will get up from his bed to find his treat hidden in his food.

Great Product
Author: Joyce
Location: Michigan
I have an 8 year old dog with a very painful right-rear leg. I have had him on the Glyco-Flex III for the two years that I have had him. Money was a little short, so I didn't order a refill right away this last time I needed it, and I noticed a marked difference in him within a couple of weeks. Will not let him run out again!

Great Product
Author: Theresa
Location: Indiana
We have a 14 year old dog that has arthritis really bad in his back legs. He no longer will take pills of any kind (very stubborn). In the past, pills were not a problem because he took them without any problem. We asked the vet for a recommendation and he suggested Glyco-Flex III Bite size chews. Walker (my dog) loves them and takes them without any problems. He is getting around much better now.

Great Product
Author: Teenerwest
Location: Maine
<p>We have used this product for many years. Our lab was diagnosed with hip dysplasia at 9 months, and it was recommended that we start a joint supplement. She is now 10 and continues to use this product, and along with weight control she has never had major issues with her hips. We started with Gylco Flex I and progressed to III. The tabs are much easier than the powder. We never had issues with our lab eating the tab, but of course she is a lab ??. I definitely recommend this product.</p>

Great Results
Author: Rob
Location: Eau Claire,WI.
Having had knee surgery 4 years ago our 11 year old red Doberman was starting to have trouble getting up and down. Since taking Glyco-Flex III, I've seen a big difference where she is doing things she did years ago without the pain . Will keep her on his forever. Great product...

Great smell and taste!
Author: Debby
Location: Raleigh
Our nine year old Sheltie loves these bite size chews. She had been getting bored with her food so I've been breaking this chew up and mixing it up in her food. She now loves her dinner and is walking up and down the stairs with ease. We've really noticed a difference.

helped my dog greatly
Author: paul turner
Location: vermont
<p>the product has helped my dog greatly</p>

I swear by this product
Author: Steffi's mother
MY 16 1/2 year old goes through 2 bags a month of these...sounds excessive, but there's just no comparison with any other product out there.

I had one German Shorthair Pointer live to over 17, 10 years on Glycoflex, tried other products over the years and went back to this as the only thing that really shows a difference in her stiffness level. I used to buy from a different source, but when they went up to $45 a bag, I knew it was time to start looking, now I get 3 bags a month for the same price as the K>>>>> place was charging me! Thanks Vet Depot!I don't need to disquise the taste, all 3 dogs love them, I have to HIDE the bag!!

Life Saver
Author: SueB
Location: FL
My Claire will be 15 on Labor Day and she has been on Glyco-Flex III for many years. It has literally given her a second chance at life....She loves the taste and waits to begin eating it until her "treat" is put in her bowl. May other dog thinks I'm showing Claire favor so every now and then he gets one too. Thank you for giving me the BEST PRICE ever on this medication.

Racer Loves Them
Author: Marlys
Location: AZ
I have a retired greyhound racer , retired due to a broken leg joint injury. She looks to these chews as treats not medication to help with her hip and leg. She likes the taste and I like the ease of dispensing the chews. Great price and the product arrived early and in excellent condition. I have already recommended them to my friends. Thank you, Mattie.

Small Miracle
Author: Big Bob
Location: Memphis, TN
Our 12 year old lab is much improved after switching to Glyco-Flex III from Cosequin DS.

This product is amazing!
Author: Animal Lover
Location: Texas
I purchased Glyco Flex lll after my 12 yr. old dog, Ariel, lost complete use of her hind legs. After taking her to the vet I was told she had a degenerative condition and would either have to get her some wheels for her hind legs or put her down which was not an option for me. I did some research on various supplements and came across Glyco Flex III and decided to purchase it after reading many positive reviews. I started Ariel on it as soon as I received it which took some coaxing because she didn't care for the taste (which is why I rated it 4 out of 5 stars). I had to split the chews in half and coat it with peanut butter for my picky girl to eat them. After 3 weeks I noticed a considerable change and she is now able to walk on her hind legs. I have no doubt that if I continue to give her these supplements that she will continue to improve week after week. This product is awesome!

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