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Reviews for Furosemide 50 mg, 100 Tablets (1010450)

a lifesaver
Author: esl
Location: va
This product works great. I am on my second chessie who has degenerative heart disease and this with enapril helps my kate be free from the coughing and other symptons. My first chessie doc lived 1 1/2 years on this medicine. Also VetDepot is the least expensive which helps when having to order so much.

Author: Dan
This medicine is being taken by a 12 year old Lab named Jake. The vet diagnosed him with congestive heart failure. The medicine has improved Jake's quality of life, this is evident by improved energy/mobility and reduced coughing and breathing issues.

Furosemide 50 mg, 100 Tablets
Author: ellen
my dog has congestive heart failure and furosemide with enaparil have extended his life expectancy so far by 6 months. he no longer coughs and even though he has to urinate a lot it is well worth it.

Great value!
Author: fillyok
I do Chow Chow rescue in South Texas and we run into problems with our rescues being HW+ a lot. One particular Chow Chow, Layla, was found stranded in a lake. She was blind and very positive for HWs. It's hard to determine her age since she was neglected for many years, but we guess 8/9 years old. She's been diagnosed with heart failure and was prescribed furosemide. The vet prices are extremely high, but luckily my vet will write prescriptions for me and I can get them filled on-line. I'd printed out vetdepot's prices for the meds I needed and even she was surprised at the great deal I could get. I'll be ordering soon again.

Now Layla is back to her spunky self and living out her life in comfort. Thank goodness for vetdepot!!

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