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Reviews for Frontline Plus for Dogs 0-22 lbs, Orange, 12 Pack (1013919)

Awesome Product and Price!
Author: JCrew
Location: Southern Maryland
My groomer and veterinarian recommend using Frontline Plus together with Sentinel heartworm preventative as a foolproof combo for keeping heartworms, fleas and ticks at bay!! :) VetDepot is the cheapest place to buy both! Dont forget to search online for coupon codes!

You must keep your dog still for a few minutes after application so it can absorb into the hair and skin otherwise your pet might shake or rub it off. Applying in a long line rather than in one spot makes a BIG difference!

Best Stuff!
Author: LisaTX
Location: Andrews, TX
Frontline Plus is the best stuff we've found to kill the ticks we have here in W. Texas. We will be buying from VetDepot because their price is the lowest as well, and we buy in quantity due to being a rescue.

Excellent Products!
Author: Mabu-chan
We have 6 year old Pekingese and he is full of hair! Since we live in Florida, Fleas were a big concern for us when we decided to keep our Pekingese coat long, but never had a problem with it. I love how effective Frontline Plus is and easy application and water proof also. I recommend it to every pet owner I know and they are all happy with it also. Just can’t go wrong with Frontline Plus!

Author: Kat
Location: Maryland
The entire process was easy. Shipping was very fast. Overall a very good shopping experience.

Flea Season!
Author: Liz
Flea season is coming up! I live in an area that has a lot of fleas and ticks! This was the best price I found for Frontline Plus for a years supply! The product came quickly and was a good deal!

Frontline Plus
Author: Obieone
Location: Powhatan, VA
We have used this product monthly on our 3 small dogs, one a short haired Rat Terrier, and two long haired mixed breeds. We live in a wooded area, and the dogs are in and out of the house all day. It has always worked extremely well, keeping the pets free of fleas and ticks. We sometimes find dead ticks in the dogs' coats, so we know it is working. Our vet has tried to get us to switch products, but we have no intention of doing so.

Frontline plus for dogs
Author: Terry
Location: Crosby Minnesota
The product I received is exactly the same as I receive from my veterinarian only from Vet Depot the price is less. I was very happy with how promptly my order was shipped. I will continue to shop with Vet Depot.

Frontline Plus for Dogs 0-22 lbs, Orange, 12 Pack
Author: Joanne
Location: Lake Forest, CA
I've always used Frontline Plus for my cats, and now I'm using it for the dog I got a year ago. I like it because it kills the fleas and their eggs, killing the whole life cycle rather than just the adult fleas. The only thing I wish it did, too, was actually repel the fleas from jumping on the animal. But when they do get on your animal, they will be killed within a certain period of time (I think it's 1 or 2 days, or less).

Frontline Plus for Dogs 0-22 lbs, Orange, 12 Pack
Author: dperry
Location: Georgia
Fast service. Also the cheapest I have found.

Frontline Plus for Dogs 0-22 lbs, Orange, 12 Pack
Author: Sybil
Location: lake wales, fl
Just love putting this on my DOGS! Because I know when I do, they are going to be protected from Fleas AND Ticks. I LOVE my DOGS and I LOVE DOING THIS FOR THEM. This company is surely the best on the net, that I've found. I got my order so fast, it seems like it flew in overnight. Seriosly, I got it in 3 days, and I was so happy I used this company. Thanks so much.

I love Frontline Plus.
Author: teresa
Location: United States
<p>I love Frontline Plus. It kills all flea stages. Vet Depot is a really fast shipper. I will be doing business with them in the future.</p>

Author: nina
Location: ga
Have always used Frontline Plus and have been very happy. This is the cheapest place I found to buy and they were quick in shipping :)

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