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Reviews for Fresh Mouth Oral Spray, 8 oz (1014032)

fresh breath
Author: Tony
Location: Norman, OK
I spray once in my dogs mouth and it freshens their breath for at least 4-5 days. This with regular brushing keeps my dogs mouth clean.

Oral Spray
Author: Earl
Location: Gettysburg PA
We do Greyhound rescue. Greyhounds are notorious for bad teeth, mostly from the track diet. We have used this product for several years on all six of our Greys. We use it in conjunction with weekly dental brushings. We apply it to a cotton swab and apply to the gums and teeth. We have had greyhounds for over ten years now, and have not lost one tooth. Regular brushing and this product does work.

Recommended by my vet
Author: Sheri
Location: North Canton, Ohio
I use this mouthwash for two of my dogs on a daily basis. It was recommended by my vet who is a Board certified dental specialist. My dogs don't like the taste, but it works wonderfully at keeping periodontal disease at bay between teeth cleanings. I believe if I didn't use this wash, my two dogs would have lost most (if not all) of their remaining teeth. VetDepot provides this product at a great price (my vet charged me $20 for one bottle) and their service is excellent. Thank you VetDepot!

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