Jorgensen Laboratories Nylon Dog Muzzles

Quick-Release Nylon Dog Muzzles are manufactured by Jorgensen Laboratories and are high quality and water resistant. Quick-Release Muzzles have an easy release buckle and they fit securely with adjustable straps.

Quick-Release Nylon Dog Muzzles are available in five sizes for use during grooming, training, or when control is necessary. The muzzle has an easy-release buckle and adjustable straps for a secure and safe fit.

Benefits of Quick-Release Nylon Dog Muzzle:

  • Constructed of high-quality nylon
  • Water resistant material
  • Muzzles have an easy-release snap buckle
  • Product fits securely due to adjustable straps
  • Reinforced stitching

This product is for use on dogs only. It is ideal during training, medicating, and grooming, or when control is necessary.


Muzzles come in 5 color-coded sizes: XXS (navy, for snout circumference of 3.5 and weight up to 5 lbs.), XS (silver, for snout circumference of 4.5 and weight of 5-10 lbs.), S (red, for snout circumference of 5.25 and weight of 10-25 lbs.), M (blue, for snout circumference of 6 and weight of 25-40 lbs.), and L (gray, for snout circumference of 6.5 and weight of 40-70 lbs.).


Determine snout circumference to find proper muzzle size. Nylon dog muzzles are only for short-term use. Long-term use may be dangerous or life threatening as it restricts panting and can lead to overheating. Return of product is not accepted once it has been placed on an animal due to the risk of transmitting an infection.

Quick-Release Nylon Dog Muzzles are available OTC.

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