Tests for Cat and Dog Pregnancy

VetDepot offers discount pregnancy tests for dogs including the Witness Relaxin Test Kit by Synbiotics. Detect with greater accuracy if your dog is pregnant. VetDepot also carries the Witness LH Test Kit which tests luteinizing hormone to distinguish between spayed and intact pets.

Canine Pregnancy Test Kit is a rapid immunomigration test able to detect pregnancy as early as 22 days gestation. The test works by detecting relaxin, a hormone, in the blood of dogs.

Benefits of Canine Pregnancy Test Kit:

  • Requires only a small amount of blood
  • Sensitive enough to detect early pregnancy
  • Assists in the diagnosis of spontaneous abortion and fetal resorption
  • Does not require refrigeration
  • Simple to use and highly accurate
  • Confirms abortion success

Witness LH Test Kit provides a semi-quantitative and accurate measurement of feline and canine luteinizing hormone. Detection of this hormone enables prediction of ovulation and can be used to distinguish between intact and spayed animals.

Benefits of Witness LH Test Kit:

  • Simple to perform
  • Highly accurate, especially when used along with other testing methods
  • Assists in routine breeding
  • Improves conception rates in cases of frozen semen breeding, infertility issues, low semen quality, and other instances

Canine Pregnancy Test Kit Uses:

For use in dogs to detect pregnancy and to distinguish between gestation and pseudopregnancy.

Canine Pregnancy Test Kit Availability:

Each test kit contains 5 kits.

Witness LH Test Kit Uses:

For use in cats and dogs to measure the level of feline and canine luteinizing hormone for ovulation prediction and to determine spay status.

Witness LH Test Kit Availability:

Each test kit contains 6 tests.

Canine Pregnancy Test Kit Warnings:

Detects pregnancy as early as 22 days gestation, but results may not be accurate until 27 days gestation or later. This test should not be used as the only method of determining pregnancy.

Witness LH Test Kit Warnings:

Use serum sample on the day of collection. If this is not possible, refrigerate for up to 24 hours and bring to room temperature before testing. Keep the testing device flat and do not disturb while the test is being conducted.

Witness LH Test Kit Storage:

Store at room temperature. Do not freeze. Do not open the foil pouch prior to use.

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Canine Pregnancy Test Kit, 5 Tests
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Retail: $185.99
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Availability: Over the Counter
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Witness LH Test Kit, 6 Tests/Box
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Retail: $359.99
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Availability: Back Order
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