Progesterone Dog Ovulation Test

Ovucheck Premate is an ovulation test kit for dogs that determines the levels of progesterone in the breeding female’s blood and plasma. Ovucheck makes it easier to correctly identify the mating period better than traditional subjective indicators.

OVUCHECK quickly and simply determines the level of progesterone in the serum or plasma of dogs and cats. This allows mating at the optimum time and is useful in cases of infertility of unknown causes.

Benefits of OVUCHECK:

  • Works rapidly and is easy to use
  • Can help determine causes of infertility, such as anovular cycles
  • Assists in breeding and in artificial insemination
  • Detects hormonal changes that occur during pro-estrus, estrus, dioestrus, and gestation
  • Available over the counter for convenience

For use in dogs and cats. Errors during collection or testing can alter test results and increase inaccuracy. Read product inserts and directions carefully and consult your veterinarian with questions or concerns.

Contents of Kit: 1 X 1.0 ready-to-use Low Standard (3 ng/mL progesterone), 1 X 1.0 ready-to-use High Standard (10 ng/mL progesterone), 1 X 8.5 ready-to-use conjugate, 1 X 8.5 substrate buffer, 1 tablet substrate, 4 X 8 coated microwells, 35 plastic pipettes, 1 rubber bulb for plastic pipettes


For in vitro veterinary diagnostic use only. Do not pipette solutions orally. Flush eyes with clean water and wash skin with soap and water if contact occurs.


Keep the kit in the refrigerator. Do not freeze. Bring to room temperature before use.

OVUCHECK Premate 10 is an OTC product.

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