Nursing Supplies for Puppies and Kittens

Vet Depot carries nursing supplies for feeding orphaned puppies and kittens at the best prices. The PetAg Nursing Kit comes with a nursing bottle and five nipples in varying sizes and shapes.

The Nursing Bottle and Nursing Kit are veterinarian-designed products for feeding baby pets. The individual bottle is 4 oz (120 mL) and the bottle included in the nursing kit is 2 oz (60 mL). The kit includes a cleaning brush and 5 different nipple styles to suit the different nursing styles of a variety of animals.

Benefits of Nursing Bottle and Nursing Kit:

  • Sturdy bottles that hold up to sanitizing in boiling water
  • Bottles marked with mL and teaspoon gradations
  • Nipples are durable and flexible
  • Kit comes with 5 nipples of differing shapes and sizes
  • Kit also comes with a cleaning brush
  • Feed baby animals that cannot nurse directly from the mother
  • Build facial muscles and promote the appropriate flow of saliva

The Nursing Bottle and Nursing Kit are used for feeding baby animals that are not nursing directly from the mother. They are for use until a young animal is able to lap from a shallow bowl.


Feed baby animals out of clean equipment only. Wash bottle, cap, and nipple well with hot water and soap after use.

Ingredients: Nipples are made of latex.

The PetAg Nursing Bottle and PetAg Nursing Kit are OTC products.

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