U-40 Insulin Syringes for Pets

MVP Vet is a line of U-40 Insulin Syringes from the makers of Easy Touch syringes. MVP Vet syringes for dogs and cats offer maximum comfort and precise lines for accuracy. MVP syringes are of the same high quality as Easy Touch insulin syringes.

MVP Vet Syringes have an advanced design to help ensure ease of use, dosing accuracy, and minimal discomfort for animals. The 29 gauge x ½" syringes are available in 0.5 cc and 1.0 cc. The 0.5 cc syringe is intended for use with doses of less than 20 Units of U-40 insulin.

Benefits of MVP Vet Syringes:

  • Tight-fitting plunger prevents leaks and slides smoothly and evenly inside the barrel
  • Clear, easy-to-read graduated single-unit markings for accurate dosing
  • No "dead space" inside the barrel for accurate dosing and to prevent waste
  • Lubricated, multifaceted needle injects easily and smoothly
  • Transparent barrel for clear view of syringe contents
  • Optimized design of finger flange and thumb rest provide comfortable use and superior control
  • Surgical-grade stainless steel needle attaches securely to avoid needle detachments
  • Latex-free


For veterinary injections of U-40 insulin.


MVP Vet Syringes are packaged in boxes of 100.


Keep syringes out of reach of children and animals.


Keep used syringes and needles in a safe storage container designed for this purpose. Bring them to your veterinarian for disposal.

MVP Vet Syringes U-40 Insulin is an OTC product.

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