Montmorillonite Digestive Health Supplements

Diarsanyl is a nutritional supplement for dogs, calves, and foals that supports long-term intestinal and digestive health. Diarsanyl contains montmorillonite which helps manage diarrhea by combining with mucus on the intestinal mucosa.

Diarsanyl adheres to the intestinal mucosa to soothe irritation and prevent fluid loss. The active ingredient in Diarsanyl, montmorillonite, is more effective than kaolin at absorbing toxins to minimize gastrointestinal upset. Diarsanyl also contains glycerol and dextrose for energy.

Benefits of Diarsanyl:

  • Controls digestive upset and diarrhea
  • Available in a ready-to-use-syringe
  • Coats the intestinal mucosa
  • Paste is more effective than powder or pills
  • Helps maintain electrolyte levels
  • Prevents dehydration
  • Palatable oral paste in vanilla flavor
  • Replenishes the mucus layer

Use this medication only as directed by your veterinarian.

Read package inserts and precautionary statements prior to using.

Do not allow children to administer this product to any animal.


  1. Insert the oral syringe in the corner of the animal's mouth. The syringe tip should rest as far back on the animal's tongue as possible.
  2. Turn the ring to the zero mark and then put it on the appropriate graduation as indicated by the administration schedule.
  3. Give animals weighing 4-15 lbs. 1 mL in the morning and 1 mL in the evening.
  4. Give animals weighing 16-40 lbs. 2 mL in the morning and 2 mL in the evening.
  5. Give animals weighing 41-66 lbs. 4 mL in the morning and 4 mL in the evening.
  6. Give animals weighing 67-132 lbs. 10 mL in the morning and 10 mL in the evening.

Frequency of Use:

Administer the paste by mouth twice daily for 3 days. If your veterinarian's instructions differ, follow the prescribed course.


Store Diarsanyl at room temperature, in its original container, away from pets and animals.

It is a violation of Federal Law to use this product in a manner inconsistent with its labeling.

Diarsanyl Oral Paste for Cats and Small Dogs contains 10 ml for animals weighing 4-15 lbs. Each 10 ml syringe contains 4 gm montmorillonite and 2.5 gm dextrose.

Diarsanyl Oral Paste for Dogs contains 24 ml for animals weighing 16-66 lbs. Each 24 ml syringe contains 9.6 gm montmorillonite and 6 gm dextrose.

Diarsanyl Oral Paste for Large Dogs, Foals, and Calves contains 60 ml for animals weighing 67-132 lbs. Each 60 ml syringe contains 24 gm montmorillonite and 15 gm dextrose.

Ingredients: montmorillonite, electrolytes (sodium chloride, potassium sorbate, magnesium citrate), sugars (lactose, dextrose, glycerol)


Keep Diarsanyl out of reach of children and animals. Do not use or store in or near open flame or heat.

Diarsanyl is intended for use in dogs, cats, foals, and calves. Do not give to other animals or to humans.

CAUTION: Although side effects are rare, individual sensitivities may occur. Report adverse reactions to your veterinarian.

Diarsanyl may affect the absorption rate of some medications. Tell your veterinarian about any prescription or over-the-counter medications or supplements your animal is taking before beginning therapy with this product.

Do not use this medication in animals with a known allergy to it or to similar medications.

Warranty and Manufacturer Information:

Made in France

Ceva Animal Health Inc., 8901 Rosehill Road, Lenexa, KS 66215

diarsanylâ„¢ is a trademark of Ceva Sante Animale

a FR 36 035 007

NAC No.: 13280030

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