Cat Heartworm Preventative Buyer's Guide

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Heartworms kill cats. The adult worms live in the heart and lungs, but the larvae can travel throughout the body causing damage wherever they go. Heartworms are transmitted through mosquito bites, and since any cat can be bitten by a mosquito, all could benefit from being on heartworm prevention.

Thankfully, many safe and effective products are now available, but determining which one is right for your cat takes a little research. All of the following products in the table below need to be given monthly to provide the best protection against heartworm disease.

Spot On Heartworm Preventatives

Spot on products are topical products that you administer by placing a small amount of liquid on your pet's skin. Products like Advantage Multi and Revolution also offer protect against fleas, ear mites, and some intestinal worms in cats.

Oral Heartworm Medications

Oral heartworm medications are designed to be flavored almost like treats so picky cats will eat them when they're offered. Heartgard kills immature heartworms and treat several types of intestinal parasites as well.

Heartworm Preventatives for Cats

  Advantage Multi Revolution Heartgard
  Advantage Multi Revolution Heartgard
Adult Fleas Check Check  
Flea Eggs/Larvae Check Check  
Heartworms Check Check Check
Hookworms Check Check Check
Roundworms Check Check  
Mites Check Check  
Topical Check Check  
Oral     Check
Milbemycin oxime      
Ivermectin     Check
Imidacloprid Check    
Moxidectin Check    
Selamectin   Check  
Age Restrictions
6 weeks or older     Check
8 weeks or older   Check  
9 weeks or older Check    
Bayer Animal Health Check    
Merial     Check
Pfizer Animal Health   Check  

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