Cat Dewormers Buyer's Guide

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Dewormers, or “wormers” as they are sometimes called, play a role in every cat’s life. Kittens need to be dewormed multiple times throughout their young lives, and any adult cat that has access to the outdoors or other cats can benefit from prophylactic deworming at least once a year. Of course, if you suspect your cat has worms, she should be treated immediately. Intestinal parasites can not only make cats very sick but some also pose a health risk to humans.

Thankfully, treating intestinal worms in cats is relatively easy with the right pet medications. A microscopic fecal examination performed at a veterinary clinic is the best way to determine what type of intestinal parasites your pet may be carrying. Armed with this information, picking an appropriate product is simple. Remember that a cat may have worms even if she is not acting sick and you do not see any evidence of worms in her stool. The following table compares some common dewormers for cats. Remember the parasites listed aren't the only ones that affect cats, so if you have any questions about your pet's health, be sure to contact your vet.

Dewormers for Cats

  Droncit Drontal for Cats Sergeants Vetscription Worm Away Tape Worm Tabs WormEze Profender
  Droncit Drontal Sergeants Worm Away Tape Worm Tabs WormEze Profender
Tapeworms Check Check   Check   Check
Hookworms   Check       Check
Roundworms   Check Check   Check Check
Pyrantel   Check        
Praziquantel Check Check   Check   Check
Emodepside           Check
Piperazine     Check   Check  
RX Required
Requires Prescription Check         Check
Available As
Tablets Check Check   Check    
Capsules     Check      
Liquid         Check  
Topical           Check
Age Limitations
4 weeks & older   Check        
6 weeks & older Check     Check Check  
8 weeks & older           Check
All ages     Check      
Bayer Check Check       Check
Sergeant's Pet Care Products, Inc.     Check      
Tradewinds       Check    
Durvet, Inc.         Check  

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