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Reviews for Soloxine (Levothyroxine) 0.4 mg, 250 Tablets (1010691)

Excellent product at an amazing price!
Author: AngieD
Location: Arlington, TX
Soloxine has been a wonder drug for my dachshund. She has alopecia and after doing some bloodwork we discovered that her thyroid is very slightly off. We started her on a small dose of Soloxine and did more bloodwork until we got her on the dose that works. She has been growing hair after being on this product for several weeks! It's amazing to us! I spend a lot of money each month filling this prescription at my vet clinic. I have researched several online pharmacies and was very impressed with the quantity for the price. I ordered the product and received it promptly. I am very pleased with the price above everything! I wish I had known about vetdepot.com long before now.

Fast delivery!
Author: Lindsey
Location: Houston, TX
I was so thankful to find this website. I used to purchase my dog's Soloxine through my veterinarian and was so tired of paying nearly 3 times the amount that I paid for it here. The delivery was extremely fast and the price definitely can't be beat! I will definitely be a repeat customer!

Good service
Author: Jo Ann
Good service, good price. I also appreciate being able to buy in a larger quantity due to the lower price.

Great product
Author: AllyB
Location: GA
Saved a lot of money ordering this through the website instead of buying it at the vet. Works just great for my dog with no side effects. When I found out my dog had a low thyroid, this medicine has made a huge difference in her demeanor, weight loss and energy level.

Great value!
Author: AMR
The product works extremely well, with no side effects, and the price certainly is right. I was paying four times this price by purchasing through my vet.

I saved 16.4 cents per pill over what my vet charges.
Author: MBeaven
Location: The Villages, Florida
My order was here in a few days after they contacted my vet. I saved over $41 (even taking into account the shipping charges) that I would have had to pay the vet for the exact same medication that my Standard Poodle has been taking for the last few years. The pills are even better scored than the ones the vet has which insures the dosage is more evenly split since she takes 1/2 pill twice a day. The vet's pills always split unevenly which was a concern to me. This was my first order with VetDepot, and I definitely will be back for all my dogs needs.

This medication has been a lifesaver for my 7 1/2 old Standard Poodle. Previously she was lethargic and would have spells where she would not eat anything. This medication helped with those problems. It also helped her become pregnant when we breed her. As well as helping her carry her litter of 10 healthy puppies to term. Lastly, she skipped 3 years between heat cycles. This medication has enabled her to have normal spacing between her seasons.

Pleasure to shop
Author: AngieD
Location: United States
This is my second time to order through VetDepot and I'm very pleased. Easy to find the product I want and a great price. Quick shipping of product too! LOVE shopping at VetDepot!!

Works well
Author: Jolie's 'mom'
Location: Tucson, AZ
Jolie has been on Soloxine since 2004. I know it does the job, because every time I reduce the dosage for any length of time, her symptoms return. On proper dose, she does very well.

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