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Reviews for Pro-Pectalin Anti-Diarrheal Tablets for Dogs and Cats, 250 Tablets (1016002)

Excelent Product
Author: Yanni
Location: California
Used this with one of my dogs who had a problem with loose stools- cleared it up almost immediately!!

Fantastic product!!

Fantastic product!
Author: Carol
Our cat has had chronic diarrhea for several months and all treatments we tried nothing--prescription, OTC, herbal, yogurts. All the tests were inconclusive, so we were afraid this was going to be a permanent part of life. Our vet suggested we try this product, and not only does the cat love to eat them as a treat (!), we had immediate results. It has been 1 month without diarrhea. I am thrilled that we finally found something that worked, and our cat is back to his former self--happy and healthy.

Safe, Effective and Yummy
Author: Kyra
Location: Texas
My dog has IBS. The only product that has consistently helped her is the Pro-Pectalin. It's safe enough to take every day - unlike anti-diarrhea medication which is only for a few days. She will eat the tablets straight up without any crumbling into her food or covering it with food. She's a picky eater - more like a cat than a dog - so it's remarkable that she just eats the tablets right out of the jar. Plus it works. Firms her up without constipation.

This is a great product!
Author: Cherrie M
Location: Washington State
My Malamute puppy was always getting Diarrhea and once it cost me over $1,500.00 at the Vet, he got so sick. This product worked great and my Timber loves the taste and eats them like a treat. He is 2 years old now and I haven't had any problems for a while, but I always keep this product on hand just in case.

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