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Reviews for Hydroxyzine HCL 50 mg, 100 Tablets (1010418)

Hydroxyzine HCl 50 mg, 100 Tablets
Author: Nicole
Location: New Hampshire
Thanks to VetDepot, my dog doesn't suffer from her many allergies as she has in the past! Great product, great price and great customer service!

Allergy meds
Author: J. Moya
Location: United States
This med helps our pet who suffers from a multitude of allergies, due to his size he requires a higher dosage and to purchase this directly from the vet even with his insurance discount it is very expensive, being able to purchase this product here allows us to provide him affordable relief.

Allergy relief
Author: Debbie
Location: Baltimore, MD
My English Bulldog has had allregies since she was a few months old. We tried benadryl for a while but it made her sleep all of the time and then when she was awake she turned into a crazy dog with way too much energy. The Atarax works great - no more runny nose, watery eyes, and barely a sneeze or scratch - and she can exercise regularly again. If she stops taking it the watery eyes and runny nose come back within 24-48 hours. Looks like this is going to be a forever medication for her. Thansk to VetDepot for the fast shipping, great pricing and amazing customer service.

Best for allergies
Author: Harold
My boxer/lab mix is going on 4 years old. We have tried all the other allergy medications since she was 6 months old. This has done the best for her.

Best price on the Web
Author: TCVAN
Location: Vancouver, WA
This is the best price on the web for Hydroxyzine. I'm quite pleased with the service.

Excellent service
Author: Kimberly
This product is five times cheaper then what the vet was charging us! We are thrilled with vet depot!

Great Price
Author: Greg
I must say that vetdepot.com has by far the best prices on the products for my pets. It's nice to know that they provide quality products at a reasonable cost and there is no hassle involved. Great Job! Also, the hydroxyzine has really helped our dog deal with allergies and is a great alternative to the temaril-p he was on.

Great product and great service
Author: Jason
Location: Houston
I have ordered through VetDepot twice now and have been extremely pleased with the service, as well as the Hydroxyzine for one of our dogs. We were using Hydroxyzine from the vet and paying much more than the price here, but this formulation appears to be identical (our dog's allergies have been kept in check). In terms of ordering and shipping, VetDepot has been great to deal with, and I would highly recommend.

Hydroxyzine for my dog buddy
Author: Mike C
Location: Land O Lakes, FL
These guys are the best. They keep me informed about the status of the prescription. I never have to check with them. They call my vet, so I do nothing but order it.

At my vet's office they charged me over $110 for a 30 day supply. Now I pay $18 a month for the exact same meds. I will use them for all my dogs prescriptions. Thanks Vet Depot.

Hydroxyzine HCI 50 mg
Author: Kathleen Jones
Location: Greer, SC
Thank goodness something to help our German Sheperd with his allergies!

No more itching or nose running. He scratched his belly hairless, and his paws were raw--nothing helped until he started on this medication. Now,his paws have healed and hair grown back. Engery is up also.

My 13 year old Happy
Author: Marilyn
Location: North Bend Oregon
Our dog has had skin problems and allergies for the last two years. With the help of my awesome Vet Dr. Ed. O'Donnell of Coquille Oregon, we got rid of the skin fungus. Happy had been on generic Benedryl for close to a year when it stopped working, So we ordered the Hydroxyzine and he has pretty much stopped itching. The vet was going to try to match the price that VetDepot charges but when i told him the price he said no way could he match it. Dr O'Donnell and VetDepot are my heroes.

Rescue lab puppy who has sensitive skin
Author: Kathleen
Our puppy Bella has sensitive skin and my wonderful vet prescribed Atarax. When I asked about the generic, he said it is exactly the same. It works great for her and VetDepot enables us to afford the medication.

Saved My Dog!
Author: Kristie
My poor Boxer has had skin problems for most of her life and Benedryl was working for the most part. Until about 6 months ago, when all of a sudden, it was like she wasn't taking anything. Her ears were literally bloody one morning from her scratching and she'd lost most of her hair on her chest and top of her head. I took her to the vet to rule out anything. He prescribed this and it's been pretty much great. The downside is that you have to give it twice a day which is a pain and sometimes you miss it. And if you miss even one day, the skin condition comes back pretty quickly.

So grateful for VETDEPOT
Author: Jeanne Bailey
Location: United States
<p>I want to thank you for having a heart for all of us on low income and still needing the best for our pets.

I was at my wits end wondering how I could help my black Lab as he has terrible allergies, and the vet put him on Hydroxzine 50 mg, 1+ 1/2 tablet, 3 times a day at a dollar a pill. The vet bill was $200 last month, and I could not pay out for another bottle of pills this month. Being on a very low Social Security Check and being disabled and 80, living alone, my Dogs are so much a part of my life. I was afraid I would have to put him down for he wouldn't stop itching if he didn't have the meds. You helped me through getting the prescription from the local vet and you shipped so fast, ( He didn't miss a pill) and had contact with me over the internet. I feel I have found a friend in your company. Thank you so much best price I could find was $81 for 90 pills, and you were able to sell them and ship them to me for so little, I was able to get 300 pills for way under the $60. That wouldn't have even taken care of him for a month with the vet's prices. Now I am able to keep Becker and see him without discomfort. I will only buy from VETDEPOT from now on. I have told all my friends of you too. One lady has a dog rescue and needs meds all the time, as she takes in the unwanted, older dogs, many blind, or dying of previous mistreatment.. Now she can afford to help more too.. thanks again for being here for all of us.


The only thing that worked!
Author: Betsy
Location: SF Bay Area
I'd tried Benedryl, Zyrtec, Claratin, and other OTC antihistamines on my dog who is severely allergic, but nothing helped at all. Finally, I got a script from my vet for Hydroxyzine on recommendation from some friends who had used it for their pets, and it is really helping! It has really dialed back his itching and self-mutilating. VetDepot had the best price and shipped quickly! Thank you!

Works Great
Author: Raven
My shepard is allergic to everything it seems, but since she started using the Hydroxyzine, she is much better! Ordering from VetDepot is fast, easy and very affordable. My vet charges twice as much for half the amount.

Works well and good pricing
Author: Peggy
Location: CA
Our female lab, Xena, has been taking this for years. She used to get ear infections and chew on her paws constantly -- this solved the problem and it is much, much cheaper than purchasing through the vet. I wish our vet would allow me to purchase in 1000 tab quantity -- she takes for per day, so I have to keep re-ordering. Thank you, VetDepot!

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