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Reviews for Equioxx (firocoxib) Oral Paste for Horses, 6.93 g Syringe (1016571)

Equioxx oral paste
Author: s fleming
Location: Ohio
This anti inflammatory paste is excellent I have an older mare with very arthritic knees this paste really helps her. Especially when she has to have the farrier reset her shoes he Thanks me a lot before I used this she was very hard to work with now she stands very well and doesn't fuss. Its money well spent .

Equioxx paste
Author: Hkacres
Location: KS
Works well. VetDepot has great, fast delivery and is always willing to work with you!

Really effective pain reliever
Author: Mason Rhodes
Location: Buffalo, NY
This works great to relieve my horse's pain and help with her arthritis. I am extremely pleased both with the beneficial effects and that it does not cause side effects.

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