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VET Solutions

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Aloe and Oatmeal Shampoo,16 oz
Price: $13.43
Item #: 1010980 -
Availability: In Stock
Ear Cleanser, 16 oz
Price: $19.72
Item #: 1010979 -
Availability: In Stock
Ear Cleanser, 8 oz
Price: $13.05
Item #: 1010978 -
Availability: In Stock
Ear Cleansing Solution, Gallon
Price: $96.58
Item #: 1016642 -
Availability: In Stock
Universal Medicated Shampoo, Gallon
Price: $115.75
Item #: 1014110 -
Availability: In Stock

Products 1-5 of 5

Medicated Pet Shampoos and Ear Cleaners

VET Solutions is a special line of Vetoquinol products that are designed to be effective and affordable at the same time. VET Solutions is known for their medicated pet shampoos, ear cleaners, and their surgical scrub. Their shampoos are great at cleaning your pets as well as clearing up bacterial and fungal skin infections. The Ear Cleansing Solution helps keep ears clean and prevent ear infections in dogs and cats.

VET Solutions products are made to solve a variety of problems and treat a range of conditions like dry, itchy skin, otitis externa, and various bacterial, fungal, and yeast skin infections. The Surgical Scrub & Handwash kills germs and is useful before surgery or medical examinations.

Benefits of VET Solutions

  • Aloe and Oatmeal Shampoo soothes dry skin in dogs and cats
  • Ear Cleansing Solution removes wax and debris from the ear canals
  • Affordable medicated shampoos, ear cleaners, and disinfectants
  • Foam Quat is effective against viruses, bacteria, and fungi