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UlcerGard for Horses

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UlcerGard (Omeprazole 2.28 gm) Oral Paste Syringe
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UlcerGard (Omeprazole 2.28 gm) Oral Paste Syringe, 28 Syringes
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UlcerGard Oral Paste Syringe - 10 Pack
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UlcerGard Oral Paste, 3 Syringe Treatment Pack
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UlcerGard Oral Paste, 6 Syringe Treatment Pack
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Products 1-5 of 5

Omperazole Ulcer Treatment for Horses

UlcerGard is the only FDA-approved medication designed to prevent stomach ulcers in horses. UlcerGard contains omeprazole which treats Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome (EGUS) which can cause lasting damage to the stomach lining. UlcerGard is available as oral paste syringes in packs of 1, 3, 6, 10, and 28.

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UlcerGard is the only FDA-approved ulcer-preventive medication for horses. The easily administered, well-tolerated oral paste prevents ulcer formation, ideal for the estimated 70% of horses in training, fairs, or competitions that develop ulcers within 1 week of moving into a new environment or beginning new activities.

Benefits of UlcerGard:

  • Only medication proven to stop the formation of Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome (EGUS)
  • Prevents pain, diarrhea, weight loss, recurrent colic, impaired health and performance, unhealthy coat, changes in disposition, and other harmful effects of ulcers
  • Protects horses against physiological effects of stress associated with travel, stall confinement, showing, training, racing, and competition
  • Cinnamon-flavored paste enjoyed by horses makes once or twice-per-day oral administration easy
  • Not known to cause side effects
  • Available without a veterinary prescription

UlcerGard is only for use in healthy horses weighing at least 600 lbs. Do not use in horses that do not meet these criteria. Do not use in other animals. Not for human consumption.

Review package directions and warnings before use.

Ask your veterinarian for recommendations on using UlcerGard in your horse(s).


  1. Give 0.45 mg, or ¼ syringe, once per day for up to 28 days to horses weighing 600-1,200 lbs.
  2. Give two 0.45 mg doses, or ½ syringe, per day for up to 28 days to horses weighing more than 1,200 lbs.
  3. Check that horse's mouth is clear of feed before administration.
  4. Unlock dose ring by rotating it ¼ turn and sliding it down the plunger shaft so the side nearest the barrel is set at the proper dose marking.
  5. Lock dose ring with another ¼ turn.
  6. Remove cover from syringe tip.
  7. Insert syringe into the corner of the horse's mouth. Aim the tip at the back of the horse's tongue.
  8. Push in the plunger until it reaches the dose ring. Make sure the dose is administered to the back of the tongue or deep in the pouch of the cheek.
  9. Re-dose if any or all of the first dose is not successfully consumed.
  10. Put the cap securely back on the syringe if any product remains.

Frequency of Use:

Horses weighing 600-1,200 lbs. receive one dose per day. Heavier horses receive two doses per day.


Keep out of reach of children and animals.

Store under 86 degrees F. Brief exposure to temperatures up to 104 degrees F are permissible.

It is a violation of Federal Law to use this product in a manner inconsistent with its labeling.

Omeprazole, the active ingredient in UlcerGard, is a proton pump inhibitor that suppresses the production of stomach acid responsible for ulcer formation. When used once or twice daily for a 28-day period, UlcerGard safeguards horses from the effects of stress occurring in response to training, travel, racing or other competition, prolonged stall confinement, showing, or other lifestyle changes.


Keep this product out of reach of children and animals. Do not use or store in or near open flame or heat.

UlcerGard is for use in horses only. Do not administer to other animals. Not for use in humans.

Use as directed by your veterinarian.

CAUTION: UlcerGard has no reported side effects. If you notice signs of an ulcer in your horse, including pain, diarrhea, weight loss, recurrent colic, impaired health and performance, unhealthy coat, or changes in disposition, talk to your veterinarian.

Not for use in horses intended for human consumption.

UlcerGard is safe for use in breeding horses, but its safety has not been established in pregnant animals.

This product is intended for use in healthy horses. If you notice any signs of illness, consult your veterinarian before using UlcerGard.

Contact your veterinarian right away in the event of an overdose.

If accidentally swallowed by a human, contact a physician or poison control center immediately.

Warranty and Manufacturer Information:

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