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Tri-Heart Plus For Dogs

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Tri-Heart Plus for Dogs 26-50 lbs, Green, 12 Pack
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Tri-Heart Plus for Dogs 26-50 lbs, Green, 6 Pack
Sale: $39.03
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Tri-Heart Plus for Dogs 51-100 lbs, Brown 12 Pack
Sale: $80.52
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Tri-Heart Plus for Dogs 51-100 lbs, Brown 6 Pack
Sale: $50.55
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Tri-Heart Plus for Dogs up to 25 lbs, Blue, 12 Pack
Sale: $57.82
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Tri-Heart Plus for Dogs up to 25 lbs, Blue, 6 Pack
Sale: $29.25
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Products 1-6 of 6

Dogs Heartworm Treatment & Preventative Medicine

Tri-Heart Plus is a heartworm preventative for dogs that also treats and controls hookworm and roundworm infestations. Tri-Heart Plus pet meds have the same ivermectin and pyrantel pamoate content as Heartgard Plus for Dos. Tri-Heart chewable tablets are available in 6 and 12 month packs for small dogs up to 25 lbs., medium dogs 26-50 lbs., and large dogs 51-100 lbs.

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Tri-Heart Plus prevents heartworms and associated disease while treating and managing hookworm and roundworm infections. When given on schedule during mosquito season, this medication ensures your pet's continued health and well-being.

Benefits of Tri-Heart Plus:

  • Prevents heartworms and associated disease for 30 days
  • Generic, more affordable alternative to Heartgard Plus
  • Protects against hookworms and roundworms
  • Provides year-round protection with continued administration
  • Safe for breeding and pregnant females
  • Available in tasty chewable tablets for easy administration to dogs

Use only as directed. Do not allow children to handle or administer this medication.

The recommended dose of Tri-Heart Plus is 2.72 mcg of ivermectin per pound of body weight, and 2.27 mg of pyrantel per pound of body weight.


    1. Remove a single chewable tablet from the blister card.
    2. Offer the tablet by hand. If your dog rejects this method of administration, hide the whole tablet in a small piece of dry food or place the tablet against the back of your dog's mouth for forced swallowing.
    3. Give dogs weighing up to 25 lbs. one tablet of Tri-Heart Plus Blue.
    4. Give dogs weighing 26-50 lbs. one tablet of Tri-Heart Plus Green.
    5. Give dogs weighing 51-100 lbs one tablet of Tri-Heart Plus Brown.
    6. Consult your veterinarian about the appropriate dose for dogs weighing more than 100 lbs.
    7. Watch your dog for several minutes following administration of the tablet to ensure the entire dose is swallowed. Redose if any of the tablet is rejected or lost.

Frequency of Use:

Tri-Heart Plus should be given every month all year to fully protect against heartworm disease and infection with hookworms and ascarids.

Prevention against heartworms requires monthly treatment during mosquito season, with the first dose being given within 30 days of mosquito exposure and the last dose being given within 30 days of the dog's last exposure for the season.


Store Tri-Heart Plus at controlled room temperature, away from sources of light.

It is a violation of Federal Law to use this product in a manner inconsistent with its labeling.

Active ingredients:

Tri-Heart Plus Blue (Dogs up to 25 lbs.): Ivermectin 68 mcg, Pyrantel 57 mg

Tri-Heart Plus Green (Dogs 26-50 lbs.): Ivermectin 136 mcg, Pyrantel 114 mg

Tri-Heart Plus Brown (Dogs 51-100 lbs.): Ivermectin 272 mcg, Pyrantel 227 mg


Keep this product out of reach of children and animals. Do not use or store in or near open flame or heat.

All dogs should undergo testing for existing heartworm infection before beginning treatment with Tri-Heart Plus.

Tri-Heart Plus is intended for use in dogs only. Do not give to humans or other animals.

CAUTION: Waiting too long between doses can reduce the effectiveness of Tri-Heart Plus and leave your pet vulnerable to heartworm disease.

In the event of human ingestion, seek emergency medical attention or contact a poison control center immediately.

Tri-Heart Plus may cause lethargy, depression, diarrhea, hypersalivation, ataxia, vomiting, anorexia, staggering, mydriasis, and convulsions.

Collie breeds may be more sensitive to elevated levels of ivermectin than other breeds.

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Dogs Heartworm Treatment & Preventative

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