Taurine Supplements for Cats

Taurine is for use as a supplemental source of taurine for cats. Cats must obtain adequate taurine from dietary sources to maintain health. Taurine tablets prevent and treat deficiency and related symptoms, such as impaired vision, poor oral health, cardiovascular dysfunction, and impaired reproduction.

Along with a diet that contains plenty of taurine, Taurine tablets help prevent and treat deficiency of this essential nutrient in cats. Regular intake helps ensure vision, reproductive, oral, and cardiovascular health and improves quality of life.

Benefits of Taurine:

  • Supplements dietary intake of taurine to prevent and treat deficiency
  • Improves reproductive and heart health
  • Tasty tablets can be crumbled over food for easy administration
  • Prevents hair loss, tooth decay, and poor growth
  • Beneficial for pregnant and lactating cats
  • Does not cause side effects

Use Taurine only as directed by your veterinarian.

Read product inserts carefully before administering this supplement.


  1. Hand-feed directly or crumble and offer along with your cat's food.
  2. Give 1/2 tablet daily to healthy cats.
  3. Give 1 tablet daily to pregnant and lactating cats.

Frequency of Use:

Taurine tablets are designed for once-daily dosing and for long-term use to prevent or correct deficiency.


Store Taurine in a cool dry location, away from excess moisture and heat and out of reach of children and animals.

It is a violation of Federal Law to use this product in a manner inconsistent with its labeling.

Cats have a limited ability to product taurine naturally through metabolic pathways. For this reason, dietary sources of taurine are essential to health. When dietary sources of taurine are insufficient due to poor diet, reduced appetite, illness, or other causes, supplementation becomes necessary to ensure continued health and well-being.

Taurine Guaranteed Analysis (per tablet): Taurine 250 mg


Keep this supplement out of reach of children and animals. Do not use or store in or near open flame or heat.

Taurine is intended for use in cats only. This product is not for dogs or other animals. Taurine tablets are not for use in humans.

CAUTION: Taurine tablets are not associated with side effects and there are no known cases of toxicity.

Consult your veterinarian before beginning therapy with Taurine. Tell your veterinarian about any other over-the-counter or prescription medications or supplements your cat is taking before using Taurine.

Do not use Taurine in animals with a known allergy to it or to similar products.

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