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FON Feline Odor Neutralizer Refill, 32 oz
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EPF-5 Equine Pain Formula, 1 lb
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Products 1-2 of 2

Horse Pain Relief and Pet Odor Neutralizers

Summit Hill has provided quality pet products to veterinarians for decades. Odor eliminators like P.O.N. and F.O.N. work to neutralize dog and cat odor on furniture, upholstery, kennels, and more. EAF and EPF-5 are used to treat muscle pain, tightness, soreness, and joint stiffness in horses.

Summit Hill pet products are used for pain relief in horses and dog and cat odor control. EAF and EPF-5 relieve inflammation and muscle pain in horses after exercise. Both P.O.N. and F.O.N. eliminate offensive pet odors completely. They also remove urine and fecal stains from carpets, rugs, and furniture.

Benefits of Summit Hill

  • Topical pain relief products for horses
  • Both EAF and EPF-5 do not use heat and will not cause blisters
  • Can treat sprains, stiff joints, muscle soreness, and swelling
  • P.O.N. and F.O.N. eliminate pet odors and stains
  • Do not mask odors with a perfume
  • Both P.O.N. and F.O.N. will not stain rugs and carpets