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Reviews for Dasuquin Small/Medium Dog, 84 Chewable Tablets (1016128)

Dasuquin Small/Medium Dog, 84 Chewable Tablets
Author: Regina
Location: Westhampton, MA
Our 9 year old standard Schnauzer has been taking Dasuquin since her ACL surgery 3 yrs. ago. Our vet recommended that she take it for the rest of her life. It has greatly helped in preventing arthritis, since she just had another ACL surgery on her other leg and very little arthritis was found. She is a happy, healthy, and sometimes too active little girl.

I highly recommend Dasuquin and am glad to see the reasonable prices at VetDepot!

Dasuquin Small/Medium Dog, 84 Chewable Tablets
Author: Barb
My 12 yr old has arthritis of the back legs. He was having trouble going up and down the stairs and had to be carried. He was no longer enjoying his walks which he always looked forward to. Since being on the Dasuquin, he is back to his old/young self -- running around like a nut, loving his walks and taking the stairs by himself without a problem. I have to say that the Dasuquin has him enjoying life again!

Dasuquin Small-Medium Dog, 84 Chewable Tablets
Author: Christine
When my vet recommended this product I was skeptical, but it has turned out to be the most helpful for the hip and knee problems my dog has. Keep up with the maintenance, though. If not your beloved best friend will end up where they started.

Dasuquin Small-Medium Dog, 84 Chewable Tablets
Author: Neo
My Crested has hip displasia and the supplement from the vet was expensive and there was no improvement. I researched this product and we have gone through two bottles and he is much better. I am very happy with the results. A great product.

Fantastic product
Author: Snicker's Mom
Location: Green Valley, AZ
My dog, Snickers, a Havanese-Bichon, was born with one hip ball smaller than the other. When we walked he would do a little hip hop. The vet had me start him on Dasuquin (at $70 a bottle) but it worked. Now Snickers can walk without the little hip hop. I finally found it on VetDepot for almost half the cost and was thrilled. Now I don't have to break the bank to keep my Snickers comfortable.

Great price
Author: barbl
Location: Atlanta
My dog has been taking this supplement for about 2 years, and it has helped her tremendously. She had joint replacement on her rear leg, and Dasuquin has allowed her to have a fairly normal life again. I have been searching for a better price, and VetDepot had the lowest price and fastest delivery - thank you!

Great Product
Author: Sandra
Location: WA state
Our vet recommended this for our 11 yr old mixed breed terrier as she was limping a bit after very little exercise. It was the slightly larger soft chews. LB loved these and it does seem to help. I found what I thought was the same product online at VetDepot at a much better price. It turned out to be a smaller, crunchier version, but the exact same formulation. LB is a picky dog but liked these too (must be the liver flavor). I would recommend this product!

Great Product - Great Price
Author: Heidi
Location: Elkton, MD
My 13 year old Westie loves to get this "treat" in the mornings! This product has been great for her arthritis and this website has the best price I've found for it. Happy to be a continued customer!

Great product!
Author: Painemp
Location: Atlanta, GA
My chihuahua has been taking this supplement for 2 years. Her symptoms from patella luxation have decreased.

Great results
Author: Ali
Our geriatric dachshund began to hobble, favoring one front leg. She was diagnosed with arthritis in that leg. Our vet suggested Dasuquin. The results were speedy and excellent. Within a couple of days, our doxie was scrambling into the kitchen at meal times like a youngster again. We highly recommend Dasuquin and found the cost very reasonable compared to other canine arthitis medication.

Great Store
Author: Judy
Location: Levittown, PA
I have ordered these pills for my dog since my vet recommended them. Would not shop anywhere else.

Happy Feet Bobbie Lee
Author: Karon&John
Location: California
This product is great... My dog Bobbie Lee, was gotton from a shelter.. We kept the name... Anyway Bobbie Lee has Arthritis in both her back legs.. Sadly she doesn't jump around much... So I decided to ask my Vet. Oh my God!!!!! the price was so high($70 dollars... So when we ran out, I went online and found Bought the same product for half the the price.. So I bought 2 for the price of one at the Vetdepot This product is unbelievable wonderful..Little Bobbie Lee now jumps around and brings me to tears!!! It works, it really works..Thank you Vetdepot and the product.(Dasuquin :)


Joint Health
Author: ZoeySpunky
Location: Boca Raton, FL
My vet suggested I get Dasuquin for my three year old dog, as she was having knee problems. I found it on Vet Depot for much less than any other site or store; furthermore, it got here in very little time.

No Lie - My Dog Loves Dasuquin
Author: Cavalier Lovers
Location: Reston, VA
We have a 10 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with bad arthritis in her hind legs. When we started giving her Dasaquin she got the spring back in her step and stopped limping. Imagining it? Hardly! When we ran out -- within a week she was back to looking pained all the time. When the Dasuquin arrived within a week she was back to playing like a puppy!

This Product is Awesome
Author: Heidi
Location: Elkton, MD
Our 11 year old Westie, Cleo LOVES this product. We adopted her last June and she came with some of this medication. I ran out and had to order more. She gets SO excited to get her pill, she dances all over the kitchen! AND, I can see the benefits from her taking these pills. She is less stiff in the morning and has more energy. Thank you for carrying them!

Vet Depot is a really responsible company
Author: Margie
Location: CT
<p>I had been using another product for joint enhancement, and when I found Dasuquin, I began using it and recommending to all my 'dog' friends, Vet Depot is a really responsible company with which to do business, ordering and receiving. With goldens, the hips can always be an issue, but Dasuquin keeps the devil from the gates!</p>

will keep buying
Author: Jenn
Location: Phoenix, AZ
These supplements work great for one of my older dogs. They help with her stiffness and will continue to purchase them for her. Great price too!

Worked wonders
Author: Trixie's mom
Location: Illinois
Our vet prescribed this supplement for our older dog who was beginning to have problems with stairs. We noticed the improvement within a week or so -- her pain had seemingly completely subsided. I do recommend this product to everyone having the same issues with their dogs.

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