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Reviews for Dasuquin MSM Large Dog, 84 Chewable Tablets (1016134)

Big Dog Comfort
Author: SDK
Location: Boise, Idaho
I have a 90# 12 y/o lab & he started on these 1 yr, what a difference. He moves so much better. He enjoys playing w/his squeaky toys again & can chase the squirrels in the yard again...always hopeful huh?!

I suggested these to other friends w/older dogs & they're sold on Dasuquin too....thanks for making this product reasonably priced.

Author: Spinrbait1
Location: downers grove
My dog has been on this for 5 years I but through her half the price of what vet charges, she is 17 and helps her get through her bad hips...

Author: Carol
Location: New York
My dog has cancer and was formerly on Cosequin. My vet recommended switching to the Dasuquin and a friend of mine told me about Vet Depot's favorable pricing. I can't say if it's any better or worse than the Cosequin, but I do know that my dog likes it better and it's easier to give it to her. I used to have to crush the Cosequin pills or empty the capsules into her food, but she takes the Dasuquin like it's a treat, which makes it easier for me.

Author: Edna
Dasuquin was recommended by Vet where I originally purchased this product. When told of VetDEPOT, I was hesitant to order from them.

Product, pricing and shipping is outstanding. Well worth the experience.

Product is very good and effect. Definitely give product and VetDEPOT a chance. You will be very, very satisfied.

Dasuquin MSM Large Dog, 84 Chewable Tablets
Author: Carly
Location: Ohio
This product was recommended by our Vet. Of course, buying it from them was a lot more money. It worked so well on our Greyhound that going into the second bottle or so, I started looking around for a better price. I got it here at VetDepot hands-down. Good service, quick shipping, and a product that makes my dog feel much better (it makes me feel better)!

Dasuquin MSM Large Dog, 84 Chewable Tablets
Author: Jim
Location: NC
My elderly dog actually bounded up on the couch after taking Dasuquin for a couple of months. The look of surprise on her face was priceless. I don't think she remembered that was possible!

Dasuquin MSM Large Dog, 84 Chewable Tablets
Author: Denison
Location: Molino, Florida
Excellent product. Has really helped our 13 year old

german shepherd to stay mobile. This was recommended by our vet.

Dasuquin MSM Large Dog, 84 Chewable Tablets
Author: katrina's mom
Location: rochester, ny
I have been using this product for a year now an my dog has been moving much better.

Dasuquin MSM Large Dog, Chewable Tablets
Author: Portia Kleinik
Location: Kentucky
My 15 yr old Dober girl has arthritis and has experienced discomfort rising up and lying down. I use to use another product, which is made by the same company; however, the max dose of that product did not seem to be taking care of her problem. I spoke with tech support at that company and they suggested trying the Dasuquin MSM. I did purchase it from VD and was very surprised how much it helped her with her problems. I would not use any other arthritis supplement. I love the fact too that it is a natrual supplement with no steroids in it.

Dasuquin w/ MSM
Author: Claudia
Location: Florida
This product seems to be working for my very lame left hind leg dog. He went through Adequan shot and it did not work. Seems like after about 2 weeks on the Dasuquin he has been walking much better. I will continue to order. Thank you vetdepot!!!!

Excellent product
Author: nancy f
Location: california
My dog has been taking this for almost 10 years. He has bad hips, elbows and a bad back. I've seen the x-rays and if it weren't for this product, he wouldn't be with me today at 12 years old! I truly believe in it.

Excellent service!
Author: Brian
Excellent customer service. Item was shipped expedited and arrived on time. Due to a previous error regarding shipping dates with a different provider, I ordered from Vetdepot, because Dasuquin really works well for our dog and I didn't want her to be without. I will only be ordering from Vetdepot in the future. Their staff made sure to address my shipping and delivery date concerns and took care of everything. Thanks again.

Good product
Author: Betsy
I switched my now-13-year-old greyhound to Dasuquin MSM from JointMax about a year and a half ago. He gets two tabs daily and it really made a positive difference in his mobility. Overall I think this is a good product and will continue to give it to him. Last time I went to order, the larger bottle was not in stock, so I bought this 84 count. I prefer the larger bottle as it's more cost effective.

Good Stuff
Author: Dave
Location: Meryland
We give one per day to our bulldog...helps he hips

Made a difference after the first day
Author: Laura Morgan
This product is the same as the vet had. I was able to purchase this at VetDepot in a smaller quantity that is more affordable for me and arrived the same week as ordered. My dog loves the chewable tablets making it easy to give. He is back to his playful self again and moves easier.

More than expected
Author: Edna
Location: Mississippi
Exceptional price with outstanding delivery of Dasuquin MSM Large Dog.

This is the greatest med as prescribed by Tipper's Vet. Just after a few dosages Tipper jumped upon the couch. Just like she did in her younger days. GREAT Med = renewed activity for an older dog. Referred to Vetdepot by a friend who's Vet told him about this website.

very good
Author: dasuquin
Location: Downers Grove
My Dog is a Bearded Collie she is going to be 17. I have had her on Dasuquin for three years. She seems to act like a puppy on it...To a certain extent...

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