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Reviews for Dasuquin Large Dog, 84 Chewable Tablets (1016130)

Dasuquin Large Dog
Author: CSymonds
Location: Galway, NY
These are the exact same pills my vet gave me for my dog- only $30 less!! So happy to find exactly what my dog needs at a price I can afford.

Dasuquin Large Dog, 84 Chewable Tablets
Author: Mrs. McDonad
Location: Texas
I have used Dasuquin for 2 years, for my older dogs. This is the same product that my vet recommended. We saw a vast improvement in both of our large, and older dogs. We HIGHLY recommend Dasuquin for dogs with joint problems. The price here is better than what the vet charged.

Dasuquin Large Dog, 84 Chewable Tablets
Author: Brenda
Location: Mount Airy, MD
Dasuquin has been a great alternative joint supplement for our 4-year old Newfoundland. The product was recommended by our orthopedic specialist and the results have been positive. Dasuquin is much less than their competitors. I'm glad my boss recommended VetDepot.

Dasuquin Large Dog, 84 Chewable Tablets (1016130)
Author: Nancy
Location: Madison, WI
We have a large dog who is almost 13. We believe that Dasuquin is helping him to be able to get in and out of the car and also get on the bed without help. It's wonderful!

Dasuquin Tablets
My vet recommended that I give this to my 2 - 10lb dogs. I break the tablets in fourths, which is easy. They both like the taste, they eat it out of their food bowl first. Both have seemed better about not being too sore after walks and exercise. Ordering online is cheaper than getting this through my vets office.

Good Product Dasuquin
Author: Jerwom
We have a 7 year old boxer named Abby. She has arthritis in her back legs, and the vet recommended this product Dasuquin. It is very pricey at the vet office, but we found it at VetDepot a lot cheaper. Abby is playing with her toys again and wanting to go on walks daily. Good stuff!

Great Product at a Great Price
Author: Lindley
Location: Indiana
We've been giving our Boxer Dasuquin for about a year, and were so happy to find the same product prescribed by our vet at a much lower price!

Great Results
Author: Daniel
Location: Arlington, Tx
My 3 y.o. pit bull is quite the athlete, but has a partial ACL tear and experiences stiffness after heavy play sessions. This supplement taken with Rimadyl has him spry and tearing around the yard again with no downtime in between. Plus he thinks it's a treat! He can hear the pills rattling around in the bottle and he comes running. Great stuff! VetDepot has the best prices and shipping times around too.

Love this product!
Author: Pat
Location: Surprise, AZ
I have used this product for a long time on my German Shepherds. This product is great! My 11 yr old GS is as active and playful today as the day I brought him home...He lives, eats, and breathes to chase tennis balls and can do so without any pain. This product was recommended by my vet but is so much less expensive through VetDepot!!! My boy loves the taste...I put it in with his food and it's the first thing he eats. Thank you VetDepot!!!

Author: Susan
Same as prescribed by vet but much lower price than vet's. Our almost 15 year-old golden is doing very well with Dasuquin

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