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Reviews for Cosequin ASU for Horses, 1300 gm (1016309)

Cosequin ASU
Author: Jill
Location: Mississippi
Great product! We saw results within 2 weeks of use!

Cosequin ASU
Author: PattyN
Location: San Diego, CA
I have been using Cosequin ASU for several years for my 20 yr. old TB and my

Morgan gelding. Love the product and will continue using it always. Helps

keep my horses sound and happy.

Cosequin ASU For Horses, 1300 grams
Author: G & G
Location: WI

Thank you for your wonderful service. This first time purchase through you was due to your more economical price for my horses' supplement, Cosequin ASU 1300g, when compared to other online suppliers. Initially, I was sent an undesirable product (funny smell/short expiration date) but with your superb customer service just a quick phone call the undesirable product was destroyed and a new shipment was on it's way without extra charge. Thank you for listening and responding to my shipment, it reflects well on your company's reputation.

Thank you

-G&G in WI

Cosequin ASU For Horses, 1300 grams
Author: Diane
Location: Florida
Great price, great product, great service.

Cosequin ASU Makes a Difference and My Horse LIkes It
Author: Owner of an Arabian princess
Location: Portland, Oregon
My vet recommended Cosequin ASU and I've been very pleased with the results. My mare is moving more easily with no signs of arthritis. I'd thought prior to using Cosequin that for sure she was favoring her right shoulder or knee. The other huge plus for this product is that my mare will eat it. I've had joint supplements before that were supposedly excellent, but she carefully left the powder in her pan no matter how we mixed it in her grain.

I was very happy to find VetDepot carries it. Their prices are good and their customer service outstanding.

May save my horse.
My vet recommended Cosequin ASU for my horse after joint surgery. After 7 months of therapy I am noticing definite improvement. Due to this I am also administering this therapy to my older speed horse to protect his joints.

My horse has severe arthritis.
Author: Carrie
George is a 15 year old quarter horse we obtained through a rescue group who purchased him at auction. When we first brought him home, he could barely walk. Upon vet examination, he was diagnosed with severe arthritis in his forelimbs, as well as coffin bone rotation. It has been a long road to find a program that manages his pain and allows him to walk.

I did extensive research on joint supplements, and Cosequin ASU is the only product that has the recommended dose of glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM,and ASU in one product.

It is one of the only products for horses that contains ASU, which is proven to decrease inflammatory response.

Yes, it is more expensive than other joint supplements, but I have tried others, and noticed a difference in George's ability to move within one week. It is well worth the money.

Be aware that the recommended daily dose for the average sized horse is two scoops, and I have found that two scoops are necessary to maintain George's comfort.

In addition to Cosequin ASU, George is barefoot and receiving monthly trims by a natural hoofcare practitioner, has been switched to an all grass diet with no alfalfa or grain, and continues his regimen of Bute and Naproxen as needed.

I am happy to say he is much improved.

This stuff works.
Author: thep00ch
Location: Massachusetts
I swear by Cosequin ASU. This stuff works. I have a Cheval Canadian gelding with arthritis in both hocks. It hurt him to canter. In September, the vet wanted to give him Adaquan. I declined and opted for a less invasive method and chose Cosequin ASU, figuring I have all winter for it to work. After being on ASU for less than 3 months, I saw a HUGE difference in his gaits.

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