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Reviews for Cosequin DS (Double Strength) for Dogs, 250 Chewable Tablets (1011359)

Great joint supplement
Author: Marian
Both of my senior dogs take this supplement. My vet was pleased to hear I'm giving it to them -- she says it's the best.

Joint Comfort for Dogs of all Ages
Author: Carol Ann
I have three large dogs 13, 7 and 3 years old. They weigh 86, 87 and 110 pounds respectively. I have used other brands in the past to keep my large pets healthy. This is the first supplement where I saw a noticable improvement in my two older dogs. Buck has a arthritic/deterating spine and hip problems and Ankne has joint pain in her knees. Within several days after starting Cosequin, Buck could get up on my bed unassisted again, and Ankne was able to wake up and go for a run immediately without having to "warm-up". My youngest dog - Puzzle is a Rhodesian/Great Dane mix rescue. He has beautiful long legs and can run like a deer. Although he has not had any joint problems, I give him Cosequin to be reassured that his joints stay as healthy as possible. I will never stop using Cosequin - as it would be cruel to my beloved pets to do so.

Keeps my two older dogs mobile
Author: Marian
Location: Pittsburgh
I asked my vet about adding Cosequin to help my senior dogs as they age and he encouraged me to do so. Since they began taking it, I've noticed increased mobility and less reliance on Adequan shots.

Loving Owner of 2 beautiful dogs
Author: Marian
Location: Las Vegas NV
On my first trip to the Vets Office with my two new Bichon puppies my vet recommended that I put them on a daily regiment of Glucosamine and Chondroitin, which I did. Bichon dogs are prone to knee problems and gets progressive worse as the dog ages. I tried a number of different brands but I could see that the knee difficulties were developing in both dogs and then found Cosequin DS on my favorite site VetDepot. After two months of Cosequin I definitely can see an improvement in both dogs and they seem happier as well. VetDepot are super, their prices are great and they delivery the product immediately...I placed the order and two days later the package was on the great is that!

Pleased overall
Author: Amy
Location: Santa Monica
I have no complaints about the product or my experience with Vetdepot. My dog is getting older and has a variety of health problems including joint problems. I definitely noticed an improvement when using Cosequin - but it was not the cure I was hoping for. I realize that I just have to face the fact that my dog can't do all the things he used to do anymore. Overall I am very happy with the service I received and the quality of the product. I will be using Vetdepot for other medications in the future. It is definitely cheaper and faster than going to to my veterinarian.

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