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Reviews for Clomipramine HCL 75 mg, 90 Capsules (1010875)

Author: Liz
Location: Worthington OH
My rescued German Shepherd dog was diagnosed w/ Canine Compulsive disorder after several years of repetitive behaviors: running patterns for hours, spinning & tail chasing no matter how much exercise & training we did. The university doing the study has noted a genetic link with several breeds. I was thrilled that Clomipramine was very effective, but horrified that my local pharmacy wanted $318.98 for one month! Vet Depot's price was 1/6 that- now he is a much calmer, happy dog and we can both enjoy each other without breaking my budget.

Author: Marilyn
My lab was diagnosed with canine OCD. This medication has saved my life!!! VetDepot is very affordable and professional.

Clomipramine HCL
Author: Dana Butler
Location: Fishers, Indiana
Moderately effective, certainly better than nothing. It is about $10 dollars cheaper from VetDepot than the previous online pet store I used.

Prescribed for Canine Compulsive Disorder
Author: Liz
Location: Worthington, OH
This was very effective for my rescued German Shepherd dog who would frantically run the same pattern in the yard, spin & chase his tail, suck his flank and other compulsive behaviors; anxiety could not be exercised out of him, training couldn't get him to "snap out of it." He was diagnosed w/ Canine Compulsive Disorder via a study by Tufts University dept of Veterinary Medicine & there is a genetic component. Local pharmacy charged me $318.89 for the meds! Vet Depot was the lowest price by far-$52. Because Vet Depot was so much more affordable, my dog can RELAX and enjoy life now and we can enjoy him. He does not act sedated, just happy.

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