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Reviews for Clomipramine HCL 25 mg, 90 Capsules (1010873)

Anxiety Relief
Author: Daniel Ashley
Location: Waukesha, WI
Every time I left for work, my dog Jinx would pace, pee on the hallway floor outside my room, chew the arm of the sofa, compulsively jump up on the kitchen counters with her front paws, and other stuff. She was wrecking my house and making it very hard for me to do anything or go anywhere. I tried pheromones and that did not work, then I tried a training DVD with no success. Clomipramine definitely helps. I am now using it along with some techniques a former pet trainer has given me. Fingers crossed.

Clompramine works for anxiety
Author: Mike J.
Location: New Jersey
Our vet prescribed Clomipramine to reduce anxiety in our Wheaten Terrier. Symptoms included suddenly panting, shaking and pacing around the house for no apparent reason. Within a week to 10 days after starting on Clomipramine (2X/day), she stopped displaying these symptoms. Purchasing the product thru Vet Depot was MUCH less expensive than buying from our vet and the service was excellent.

Worth it
Author: Dedicated
We could tell a difference in our dog in only a few days! It is not meant to be a cure all. You still have to train and work with your dog but this medication is a huge help. The price is the best I have found anywhere and shipping was fast!

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