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Reviews for Clemastine Fumarate 1.34mg, 100 Tablets (1016330)

Author: sammy
My dog has been on this product for some time now and it works very well at keeping his allergies under control. I highly recommend trying this product before trying steroids. There has been no noticeable side effects.

Excellent for even the worst itchy chewing doggy!
Author: Teresa
Location: United States
This helped a dog that I never thought would be without skin issues. She went through years of different medications and diagnosis and ended up on cortisone shots and a restricted ingredient food allergy diet.

After giving her one pill for only a few days I noticed the severe itching a chewing did not come back. No more cortisone or special foods. She is 11 lbs and takes one pill a day and eats the same food as the other dogs. I feel sorry that she had to go through so much suffering, when the solution was so simple. We are both very happy customers. I also like to give her the Omega EFA supplements to help her coat.

Fantastic results for my son's Dog
Author: Nancy
Location: Ohio
Our wonderful Pit Bull has terrible allergies, and this year has been really bad for him. We give him a tablet in the morning and one at night. He weighs 160 pounds. I would recommend this product with no hesitation. Humans can also use it and for me there are no side effects it just works. I take it at the same time the dog gets it. I hope this product comes in soon. I am down to my last bottle of it.

Love It!
Author: SKC
Location: Texas
I have a dog that is allergic to everything including corn,dirt, grass, typical air allergies,etc. We can't eliminate everything so we have to treat symptoms. This medicine has allowed him to live a comfortable life with no more itching and infections from scratching. He's 80 pounds and gets 1 pill morning and night wich is a lower dose than vet suggested for his weight and there has been no more outbreaks. There has been no side effects with the lower dose. I'm so pleased with this medicine and will continue using it so my dog can continue a normal life.

Works very well for my dogs with skin issues - Particularly one special girl
Author: TJhyde
Location: United States
In particular there in one of my dogs who has been through several different diagnoses through my former vet, given several different medications which had harmful side effects and was constantly on a "special formula" ($$$) diet. After reading reviews of this product I decided that there would be no harm in giving it a try. Voila, she is now getting one tablet at least every other day and is on the same food as all of my other dogs. She does still itch a little. But not to the point she was at when she was losing hair and chewing her skin until it would bleed. My mother took her to the vet that I no longer use that had put her through all of the unnecessary medications and diets before. When the vet commented that she looked so good and asked my mother what I was doing for her skin (my mother didn't know the name of this medication) she simply stated "nothing". I do add an EFA capsule daily to all of my dog's diet. I have always done this to help keep their skin and coat healthy and shiny.

Thank you Vet Depot for providing this medication! And my girl Kacey thanks you also!

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