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Reviews for Clavamox 125 mg, One Tablet (1010640)

Clavamox 125 mg
Author: Roxanne
Location: Illinois
Price is less than half of what my vet charges. Service is excellent. If no one answers when you call, you will get a call back within an hour. Everything you need in an online company is legit about them. They have a mailing address, they provide you with a script number and a lot number.

Clavamox 125 mg
Author: Diane
Location: Missouri
Am very impressed with the service and quality of the product at an affordable price. Was able to purchase brand name antibiotic for less than I could have gotten through a pharmacy. This antibiotic was very efficacious in battling a stubborn cat-bite abscess in a cat. The price lent itself to easily being able to follow through with recommended length of therapy.

clavamox 125mg
Author: Charles
Location: Chicago, IL
Great price and quick service! Paid half what my vet wanted to charge me.

Saved my cat from surgery
Author: William Peterson
Location: St. Louis, MO
My old tomcat likes to scuffle around the neighborhood and gets large abcesses a lot. This knocked it right out saving me pricey lancing/bandage fees at the vet.

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