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Reviews for Adaptil Medium and Large Dogs Collar, 27.6 in (1014129)

Author: Terry
My dog is terrified of thunderstorms. Nothing else worked and my vet recommended Adaptil. I only use the collar and it does seem to make her more calm. The price seems reasonable for what it does. I haven't needed it overnight, when she is the worst. I will have to see how she does then.

great product
Author: Jill
We have a dog who is petrified of thunderstorms and even heavy rains. She will pant and shake violently almost to the point of going into convulsions. Since using the collar she has been somewhat more relaxed. As of yet I have not tried the diffuser but will shortly. Would really be nice to be able to leave the house without the fear of what she will destroy trying to get out with an approaching storm.

Not sure if it works
Author: betsy
Location: georgia, usa
I bought this because my greyhound was whining and restless at night. It turns out she had osteosarcoma and was in pain all the time, so this was not really going to be helpful for her. She's passed on and I put it on my other grey to see if it helps him deal with her absence. I also have a DAP diffuser. So far I have not really noticed a difference in his behavior but I am hopeful the DAP items will help him.

Pheromone collar - Great buy
Author: Cari
Location: New Cumberland, WV
We have three geriatric dogs, one with a huge thyroid tumor that can't be removed. Our oldest dog had begun attacking the one with the thyroid tumor lately. We didn't know what to do. A friend suggested the pheromone collar, and it seems to be working. This is the second one we've had. Knock on wood - no fights lately. This collar has saved us so much heartache. We will definitely buy again.

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