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Reviews for Cholodin Canine, 50 Chewable Tabs (1010709)

Cholodin Canine
Author: Liza
Location: Virginia
This is a great product. My vet prescribed puritan's pride choline bitartrate, which is a big bad tasting tablet. I found the Cholodin, which is like a treat and this really helps my elderly dog who has kidney failure. It helps so much with dementia and when her backend starts dragging. She weighs 28 lbs. and he said to give her one twice a day and it is like a miracle pill!

Didn't know it worked until we ran out
Author: Scottie
Location: Ontario, CA
We have a 13 year old Bichon who was starting to "get lost" in the house and barking at lint. We consulted his veterinarian, who said this supplement was untested, but it couldn't hurt. He seemed to get better, but we didn't see any big changes. After 2 bottles, we ran out. Within 2 weeks, he started barking at nothing again and was very confused and agitated. We quickly ordered more and within 1 week of restarting, he calmed down and was much better. We will definitely continue giving this to him and we think it is very much beneficial.

Author: FurMama
Location: Silver Lake, KS
As my dog's gotten older, she;s develop some memory and personality problems that my vet thinks is dementia. Since I started using this, her mood seems better and she's not as easily upset, which I take as a sign it is working. I wish I could just ask her how she's feeling.

My dog loves it!
Author: Scottieh
I have read about using Cholodin in a Yahoo user group on dogs with dementia. Several people wrote about this product, so I decided to try it. I don't think my dog has been on it long enough to see a big change, and he's just in the early stages, so I can't vouch for whether it works or not, but my dog loves it and he is really picky about his treats.

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