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Reviews for Cholodin Canine, 180 Chewable Tabs (1010710)

Good for older dogs.
Author: Eve Sanders
Location: Orlando
Helps if your dog does not eat very well anymore or if you just want to be sure he is getting all his vitamins and minerals.

Good Product!
Author: SL
<p>Very good product, helps my dog a lot and he thinks it is a treat!</p>

Great product at great price!
Author: Dll
Location: Michigan
Fast shipping, product is as stated. Would order again!

Has already helped my 13 year old dog
Author: Karen
Location: Brentwood, TN
I have a very sweet 13 year old dog named Seth. He has been having more and more trouble getting around the last 2 years although he is on Rimadyl, Tramadol, and Glucosamine. I was discussing Seth's aches and pains with a friend of mine who also has a 13 year old dog and she told me about Cholodin. I was willing to try anything to make Seth more comfortable, and give him more time with us. Just a week into using the Cholodin I started to see a difference in Seth. He could more easily get up and when I called him inside from his potty times, he was getting to the door much more quickly. I think this has definitely given Seth a new lease on life and hopefully will continue to make him feel better for the rest of his time with us!

Helps with my dog's seizure
Author: Chad
I have a 16 month Rhodesian Ridgeback who has idiopathic epilepsy. I have been using this product for a couple of months and it has seemed to help the frequency of his seizures. It also seems to help him recuperate quicker after a seizure. There is no difficulty giving him the tablets. He eats them without a problem. I would definitely recommend Cholodine. It works well with Neuroplex by standard process and calm wind herbal supplement.

Selected for price, and service was excellent!
Author: Jean
Location: United States
Vet Depot has never disappointed - good prices, fast delivery. And cholodin seems to be helping my aging doxie ... still old, but now moves with a purpose instead of just random pacing.

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