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Reviews for CET VeggieDent Chews, Regular, 30 (1016575)

Author: Shirley-WA
Location: WA
We have a rather lg Pom. & she expects her Veggie treat every AM at the same time ,you'd think she had a watch on as it's always the same time. Her teeth are are as white as can be & Pom.'s are known for dental problems. Til now we've had POODLE'S & 2 Chinese Crested Powderpuffs & have found the CET dental produts are the BEST !

Squirelly in WA

A Winner
Author: J
Our small dogs love this product and the size; and so do we, since it lasts longer than the smaller ones.

Also, our vet recommended it for their dental health and that seems to be working out well.

CET VeggieDent Chews, Regular, 30
Author: Bonnie Allison
Location: Texas
Rated this product 5 stars because GracieAnne,our English Bulldog, loves them!!! They help keep her teeth and breath fresh! They do not upset her stomach. She begs for them! I bought the first bag at the vet's office. Then I went online to find them and here they are 1/2 the price the vet charges. The shipping is not only free but prompt.

Clean teeth!
Author: Tina
Location: NY
Both of my dogs love these. I've been giving them a "toothbrush" every night and it really does make a difference in the health of their teeth and gums. I like that these are not rawhide and don't splinter. My dogs love the taste and are excited to get one every night. My dogs are 50 pounds and 65 pounds and the regular size is great for them.

My dog loves these
Author: Chowbell
Location: Dallas TX
These were recommended by a vet in Dallas to help keep my dog's teeth clean. This brand is less expensive than others like it,and my dog looks forward to her chew every day.

Tasty and Effective
Author: Chowbell
Location: Dallas TX
My vet in Dallas sells C.E.T. VeggieDent chews which gives me confidence that they work and are good for my dog. My dog loves them and will eat them before other foods, and they are less expensive than other comparable brands.

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