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Reviews for CET Enzymatic Toothpaste Poultry Flavor, 2.5 oz (1010124)

CET Enzymatic Toothpaste Poultry Flavor, 2.5
Author: RBock
<p>I have been using CET Enzymatic Toothpaste Poultry flavor since 1989 for our Greyhounds and is the best! Our Vet raves about our Greyhounds teeth at each check up. Our Greyhounds love it and give us strange looks if we try to substitute another brand! Vet Depot has the best price in my comparison shopping!</p>

CET Enzymatic Toothpaste Poultry Flavor, 2.5 oz
Author: Sue B
My cat actually likes the taste of the paste. I tried other types of toothpaste,this is the only one that she has taken to.

CET Enzymatic Toothpaste Poultry Flavor, 2.5 oz
Author: Dave G.
I have been using this item for several years, and it has kept the plaque down to a minimum. It is very beneficial since I don't have to use the vet to clean their teeth. Also, my three dogs have no objection to the poultry flavor.

CET Enzymatic Toothpaste, Poultry Flavor, 2.5oz
Author: mrodri1942
Location: CT
Best flavor of toothpaste for my yorkies.

CET Poultry's the best for cats!
I've used this for 13 years, and my cat loves it... even after me scrubbing (with gauze wrapped around my finger) her teeth, which isn't exactly the most fun time ever, she is still happy to lick a bit extra off to clean her tongue and keep her breath fresh. The same goes for other cats I've known... That said, one friend bought the seafood kind from her vet, and it was not a thick paste like this but was instead clear and oozy like aloe vera gel, and her cat wasn't crazy about it (versus this, which he loved)... to be honest, while it does have poultry "digest" in it, it smells faintly of peanut butter and just tastes sweet (yeah, I've licked a bit off my finger when I wasn't near a restroom); not sure what the poultry tastes like, but I know it was messy and of all the things to want thick like peanut butter, toothpaste is that thing. As for brushes, with cats, gauze is all that will fit most mouths and they usually reject the finger brushes, anyway (the rougher-textured medical gauze ie Nexcare/Telfa brands is FAR better than soft cheap Johnson&Johnson; check before you go home with puffy fluffy stuff that will only smear it around instead of actually having a bit of both grip to stay on your finger and very light "abrasion" like a brush would from the weaving), but there's a kind of really good brush, too, that is super for front teeth, for licking off (like how humans brush their tongues... though you could put it on an orabrush, too, I suppose!), and for larger animal mouths. They are "preserve" brand (I believe I got them at target?) and made in the US (at least mine are) from recycled yogurt cups... they have a good grip and excellent curvature for getting back teeth with minimal handle in the pet's mouth--better visibility of the teeth you're cleaning, too--and the bristles are great quality soft and with the center ones deeper so you're covering more tooth surface than typical flat rows on most pet brushes I've seen (the bristles are new, not recycled)...

Dogs health
Author: Tammy Spalsbury
Location: Michigan
This is the best tooth paste ever. I have been using it for a long time. If you brush your dogs teeth regularly, it will keep the plaque and tarter off. It works great. I won't use no other kind, since I started using this tooth paste. But you have to do the work and use it, and brush your dogs teeth. At least every night.

Excellent product
Author: bwiley
Location: Houston, TX
My dogs LOVE the taste of this toothpaste. They get very excited every night when I get it out to brush their teeth. Keeps their teeth white and their breath fresh. Price is much less expensive at Vet Depot than at my vet office. Would highly recommend this product.

So far so good!
Author: Claire W.
Location: FL
My cats like the taste but are still getting used to "brushing." We haven't used it long enough to see how works, but sure will beat the vet dental bill.

Author: KBanim
Location: Florida
For years I have used this toothpaste regular on my Havanese. Her teeth at 11 yrs old amaze her dentist! Pleasant breath and clean teeth! What's not to like??? Certainly saves my Lilli from having to undergo expensive dental cleaning procedure at the vet........who she doesn't enjoy visiting!!! Get some for your dog!

Yummy to my Parson Terrier Mix
Author: John
After trying a few different enzymatic toothpastes

my Vet said I should use C.E.T. and I am thinking

she just wants my $$$.

Well, to find out there are certain enzymes that

work and that are safe for your pet...

So I went with the Poultry Flavor and my Sugar loves it.

She goes crazy to have me rub her mouth with C.E.T. Poultry!

Play time while brushing teeth for my Happy Girl (Parsons Terrier mix).

my Sugar is not a fan of a toothbrush and the finger brush is

to small for my finger my Vet said to use a Cotton gauze.

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