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Reviews for CET Chews for Dogs, X-Large, 15 (1010132)

CET chews
Author: Deborah
Location: wv
As I sit here writing this review, 5 of 5 dogs are contentedly chewing on the XL Chews as their post-dinner treat. I am so happy to know that they really enjoy (for a long period of time) something which is good for them. Please keep offering this product!

CET Chews for Dogs, X-Large, 15
Author: Leonard
My dog loves them and based on research that I have done on the Internet, they are good for your dog in moderation. I have two medium sized dogs and purchase the large size chews because it is cheaper. I then use a pair of "tin snips" and cut the chews in half, one-half for each dog. It is big enough to last them a couple of hours, but not too small that they can just gobble it down.

I recommend the product for a reward treat or something to keep the dog busy for a while.

Dog chews
Author: clsmith13
Location: Texas
Perfect! I WILL order again!

Author: preppygirlsc
Location: Charleston, SC
I have a golden retriever and he is a big chewer, putting it mildly. He however has a sensitive stomach to most chews, except for these. He is 7 years old and he annually gets an A++ on his teeth and gums. I completely attribute this to these chews (he gets anywhere from 1-2 a week). Not only are these totally digestible, and clean his teeth and gums, they are the BEST PRICE! My vet charges AT LEAST twice that. You can not beat the price and the quick shipping :)

Jack loves them!
Our dog Jack, a 130 pound Bernese Mountain Dog, absolutely loves these chews. They are great for preventing tartar build up and in helping to keep his teeth white. The prices at Vet Depot are very reasonable. A quality product.

Recommended by our Veterinarian
Author: rambo1214
Location: Ohio
Our Veterinarian told us to use these for our 5 yr old Golden Retriever. We looked locally and could not find any for larger dogs. So we searched the internet and found reasonably priced with quick shipping. Our dogs love them and the plaque has started to be removed without a costly dental visit for the dogs.

The dogs love them - great value
Author: Tazbo
Location: Japan
They always get finished by each of our three dogs, who weigh 8, 17, and 30 kg, respectively. The little guy is usually fussy about what he'll eat - especially when it takes some effort to chew it - so I'm impressed.

I buy the x-large size to benefit from the better value. But I do have to cut them to size, even for the 30kg dog (a retriever), because all dogs try to swallow stuff with the minimum of chewing. Even the big guy was choking himself on the full-size chew. I recommend slicing them right down the middle with kitchen shears, then cutting them again, if necessary, according to your dog's size from there.

That aside, these real cowhide chews do get the dogs working their jaws and cleaning their teeth. Quite apart from whatever the enzymes are doing, the chewing itself has an abrasive cleaning effect and gets the blood flowing to the gums and teeth roots.

I'll be buying more.

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