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Reviews for CET Chews for Dogs Petite, 30 Chews (1010134)

Best for their teeth and they love them!!!!
Author: Brenda
Location: Illinois
My yorkies will not have any other treats. These are their favorite. Since they were puppies this is what I have been giving to them and they will not touch any other treats. I tried the greenies and they liked them now too. So I guess they have two chews that they like to have which is a big difference as they never wanted anything else.

Best dog loves!
Author: Colleen
I have an 8lb dog and my vet had recommended getting these. I was disappointed that I had to order them online, but when my sister talked about her dogs loving them - a pom and golden, I had to try it! He loves them! They are great for their teeth and gums, and it's his favorite treat! I do give him one a day and I think he really looks forward to it!

C.E.T. chews for dogs
Author: Hermione
Location: Los Angeles
Very pleased. Good price, prompt delivery.

Free shipping with the quantity ordered.

CET Chews
Author: DC
Location: Fl
Been using these chews for my 2 small dogs, and have seen improvement in their dental hygiene. They are not avid chewers, but do like these. They wait for a part of one daily at breakfast. They were shipped fast and cheaper than at the vet's office.

CET Chews
Author: Sandy
I have used these chews for years. The dogs love them! It's big excitement when I unzip the pouch. It's a healthy treat that they love.

CET Chews for Dogs
Author: C. Ramsey
Location: Ruston, LA.
My Shelby loves them. With his special diet needs it's about the only thing we can give him as a snack and it cleans his teeth at the same time. Makes it hard to restrict him to one a day as directed.

CET Chews for Dogs, Petite, 30
Author: Elizabeth
Location: Reston VA
Loved by my doggie. Very inexpensive. One per day keeps Riley's teeth bright and white.

CET Chews for Petite Dogs
Author: DJC
Location: Florida
Have 2 small dogs, so it is difficult to brush their teeth. I give them each 1/3 of these after breakfast daily. They seem to like them and it helps with their dental hygiene. Price was very good too!

Chew These for Healthy Teeth and Gums
Author: Ike
Location: Fulshear, TX
I used to get these from my vet, but their stocks were inconsistent. I was so pleased to be able to get them online from VetDepot. Ordering is easy, price is reasonable and delivery is fast too. Oh and did I say? My dogs love these healthy, chewy treats. They keep teeth and gums in good shape, sweeten the breath and the chewing provides an enjoyable activity for our pets.

Excellent Product
Author: Sanpan
Location: Palm Harbor, FL
My 12+ year old Manchester has enjoyed these treats his whole life and continues to do so. I have used other quality dental treats as well but he still loves these and his vet has never recommended his teeth be cleaned. The Vet Depot sells the identical product as Shorty's vet but at a significantly lower price.

Good quality chews for pet health.
Author: Judy-Ann
Location: Lawrenceville, GA
My vet gave these chews to my dogs after cleaning their teeth. They loved them! The vet's office sells a bag for $10.00 and doesn't consistently stock them. VetDepot offered the same product for a discounted price and delivery was really fast. After our morning walk these chews are given as a treat. We feel the dogs are getting some teeth cleaning benefits as well. Everybody is happy and we will never run out of them again.

Jack Russell Terror LOVES them.
Author: Kramer's Parent
Location: Seneca Falls, NY
Our JRT loves these chews. We were not sure if he would as he likes his rawhide mini bones. He actually gets excited when we show him the wrapper bag.

Love these chews!
Author: Elizabeth
Location: Reston VA
Our dog Riley gets one of these every morning and when he needs to be preoccupied for a couple of minutes. People have told us that his teeth are very clean and white, even though we hardly do more than give him the chews. He absolutely loves the taste--probably his most favorite treat in the world!

My dog loves them
Author: Pearlsmom
Location: United States
I have always brushed my dog's teeth in the morning and given her a Greenie. I switched to CET and she is so excited to get one each morning. I can't say whether it's had a positive effect on her teeth since we just started using them a few weeks ago. I just know she loves getting one each day.

Terrific Online Merchant
Author: Jamie Marshall
Location: Ashland, Oregon
I received my order intact and on time. The prices are better than anywhere else I could find. Hope they stay as they are.

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