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Reviews for CET Chews for Dogs Large, 30 Chews (1010131)

CET chews for Dogs
Author: hannah
Location: arizona
Just like the ones at the vet, but a better price! Thanks.

CET Chews for Dogs Large, 30 Chews
Author: Liz
Location: Virginia
My Vet recommended I give my dogs CET chews once a day for their teeth and gums. With 3 dogs that can get expensive if I buy from my Vet. VetDepot is the best price in town. I like that they can eat them anywhere without worry of leaving a stain on my carpet or furniture. My Standard Dachshund is a "power chewer" and so I give him the large size.

CET Chews for Dogs Large, 30 Chews
Author: Aussie owner
Location: Charlotte
Great chew. My dogs can't eat the greenies, makes them sick, but they love these. Recommended by my Vet. Does a very good job keeping their teeth clean.

CET Chews for Dogs, Large, 30
Author: schnauzerkid
Location: Bear Creek, WI
An over priced chewy leather type product. No chew exercise. Quickly eaten.

Disappointed in the size
Author: Tracey
Location: florida keys
I normally order dentzyne and was disappointed in the size of these. I have a 94 pound lab and he eats this size in seconds. My dachshunds love them though. I bought them medium and that size should show as small. The mediums are only about 2" long.

dogs really like this product
Author: Dima
Location: florida
Hi, i got this for my scotish terrier and they really like this as its treats. I would rate this product 4 star

Good Chews
Author: Cathy
Location: Charlottesville, VA
Much better price than at my vet's. These keep a 30-lb chowhound busy for about 15 mins & then it's devoured.

Good Chews for dental care
Author: I love my pooches
Location: Lexington, KY
These chews were recommended by our vet. We have a 7 yr old 60 lb lab mix and a 5 yr-old 35 lb beagle. We are not good at keeping up with brushing their teeth so their vet recommended we use these chews every other day instead. It is not a substitute for brushing teeth, but it is a substitute for not brushing at all, and that's where we are now.

The dogs were not thrilled with the chews at first (they don't eat much raw hide or treats, rather prefer baby food from the floor). But they learned to like them and now gladly accept them when offered.

Great Treat for Healthy Teeth
Author: Peri M
Location: Pennsylvania
I love this product for my dogs. It is a great chew as a treat and is good for keeping their teeth clean and offered at a great price.

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