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Reviews for Cerenia 24 mg, 4 Tablets (1016437)

Author: Jill
Location: Washington, DC area
My "feral bichon" who has been diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder always gets sick when riding in a car. I have tried just about everything out there and this is the first one that kept him from vomiting. He did have the urge to do it .... but nothing would come out. So it is still not a perfect situation ... but my car stays much cleaner!

The price at VetDepot is less than half of what I pay at the vet office for the same product. Thanks, VetDepot!

Cerenia 24mg 4 tablets packs
Author: Andrew
Location: Ohio
I own a American Pit Bull who has to take these for vomiting and they really help. The price is hands down cheaper than the Vet office and you can get a larger amount so shipping is free most of the time. We really are very satisfied customers and this is our 2nd order and will be returning for many more in the future.

cerenia for cats
Author: Debbie
I am using Cerenia for my cat. It is helping a bit, but

hasn't completely controlled the problem. There are different

was to dose this, so it's worth a try.

Cerenia works great
Author: missforties
Location: San Francisco
I have 3 dogs who get car sick - one is really bad and I have tried Reglan, Dramamine and phenothiazines without success but Cerenia works. My vet charges $8/pill. I was so happy to find Cerenia at Vet Depot for one fourth the cost.

Good for cats too
Author: Michelle B
Location: Florida
I have an 18 year old CAT who obviously is just aging to the point where he doesn't want to eat much and when he does, vomits shortly after. As instructed by my cat's vet, we give 1/4 of a 24mg tab every day. It works wonderfully but if I forget & go too much past 24 hrs, he will vomit for sure. An obvious sign that it is working. He has been taking this for a few months now.

Motion Sickness
Author: Judy H
I tried numerous products for this malady, but this one works for us. It is awful to be on the Interstate and have your pet sick in the back. We are both happy travelers now.

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