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Reviews for C-Bright Lubricating Ophthalmic Drops, 1 oz (1016234)

C-Bright Lubricating Ophthalmic Drops, 1 oz
Author: Darlene Currie
Location: Baton Rouge, LA
The product is excellent in relieving redness in the eye as well as swelling. Upon usage, the product will discharge mucus from the eye showing that the product is working. I have only been using the product for a couple weeks now and have noticed a big difference in the appearance and clarity of the eye.

Great Eye Drops for Dogs
Author: Donna
Location: Arnaudville, LA USA
My 11+ year old Shih Tzu is starting to get cataracts, her eyes have a light blue tint, but she can still see good. I was using Sensodyne (for humans), then started using C-bright last year, which is especially for dogs and cats. It works WONDERFUL! I could tell her eyes are clearer and a lot less red. I first purchased it from another on-line company which quit selling it (their loss). I did a search for C-Bright and found this wonderful company. Very good prices and ships very fast. I ordered and received it 2 days later. You cannot go wrong with this product, or this company.

GSD with Pannus
Author: Christy M
Location: ball ground georgia
My GSD has Pannus and this helps to keep the eyes lubricated. It works great combined with the antibiotics she requires daily for the redness & swelling that occurs because of the disease.

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