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Reviews for Cat Odor-Off Concentrate, 16oz (1010706)

Best Yet- Cat Odor-Off Concentrate, 16oz
Author: Denise
Location: Ky
This is by far the best product for cleaning cat urine. I have 8 and there are accidents.

Cat urine
Location: United States
I use this on cat urine, its pricey but lasts forever and even when the bottle is empty if water is put in enough scent/whatever magic they use is leftover to have an effective solution. This is my go to item for stubborn cat smell, natures miracle sometimes works but for carpet I use this stuff. I use it in my carpet shampooer using this instead of solution.

Thank heaven for Cat Odor-Off!
Author: Susan Dowling
Location: San Fran
My cat had a kidney infection that caused not only peeing all over everything in the house, but also vomiting like 4 times a day for a few days. My house smelled so awful I felt sick when I came home from work. I spent a full weekend cleaning everything with enzyme wash and then used this. I still smell a faint odor here and there and plan to repeat, but it is soooo much better than it was. This product really helps!

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