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Cardio Strength for Dogs, 90 Capsules

Cardio Strength for Dogs and Cats, 90 Capsules (1016431)

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Tempe, AZ

Heart Supplement for Older Dogs

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My dog takes this along with a few other daily supplements. I strongly believe in supporting the health of older dogs to prevent many age-related problems and illnesses that make dogs lose energy or enjoy life less.


Miracle Supplement!

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I started this supplement on my little Pomeranian rescue a year ago. She had a very bad heart murmur at that time. She needed her teeth cleaned but our vet said she would never make it through the ordeal. This year ( a year later) I took her in again for her yearly check up and the vet said,"didn't she have a heart murmur?" I guess she couldn't believe what she heard when she listened to her heart. She said she could go through the dental cleaning, that her heart sounded great! I give the credit to God for leading me to this supplement. I will keep her on it until she goes to the Rainbow Bridge!

Reviews 1-2 of 2

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